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WordPress is hopeless. I’m usually very busy and it takes 30-60 seconds to add an image, because of their mindlessly inane work flow. On Twitter I can add an image in about five seconds, because they hired good programmers who have taken the ten minutes required to think through an intelligent work flow.

As a result, I am spending most of my blogging time on Twitter these days.

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45 Responses to Follow Me On Twitter

  1. I hear you. I basically stopped blogging because it took too long to do anything.

  2. twitter sucks copious ass

  3. gator69 says:

    I don’t tweet.

  4. squid2112 says:

    That is a shame. I do not do Twitter, nor do I anticipate ever doing so. I no longer do Facebook either. I guess I won’t be reading as much Steven Goddard as I once did. That is a shame.

    • stewart pid says:

      I too will stop following Steve if twit – ing is all that is on offer. I followed his link and all it that I saw there was Steve and some lib guy in a shouting match … no substance. So it goes 😦

  5. It’s funny reading your tweets about Lib vs Conservatives. I follow websites everyday that show Liberals (MSM and Politicians) that can not stand a viewpoint that is not their own. Racist that, attacking people that, and the name calling is amazing. But my personal experience with Liberals isn’t much different. The moment I mention something that doesn’t fit their mindset they get angry and try to attack me personally. I had a friend stop talking to me because I showed her she was misinformed with math! Openminded != Liberals in my experience

  6. Anto says:

    Twitter is for sound bites, not serious discussions.

    • Anto says:

      Within 5 years, Twitter will be gone. In five years, a blog will still exist.

      The difference between a conversation/argument, and a body of work.

    • I don’t see any indication that global warming was ever a serious discussion.

      • gator69 says:

        Very true. But it is a serious threat, the insincere non-discussion, that is.

      • A serious SCIENTIFIC discussion, you mean. It certainly is a serious political discussion–but insane (precisely because it is not scientific).

        I see your move (or expansion?) to Twitter as the inevitable creeping disintegration of public discourse we have been witnessing for quite some time, into the various cubbyholes of proprietary software businesses (all aching to corner the “market”, which is how they see all of us). Hmmm…I wonder if we will see political parties in the future coalesced around those cubbyholes…The Huffington Post Party, the Google Party, the Twitter Party, the USAToday Party… Regressing into feudalism…or already there?…yes, I vote the latter, and I will say once more, it’s insane, because it evinces deliberate, feckless degeneration, on the part of too many adults pandering to their own childish prejudices and angry emotions.

  7. Hajo Smit says:

    What is truly amazing in your decision is that you are yelling at wordpress when you ARE NOT EVEN USING IT! You use the amateur version of wordpress which is the shared version at You should however as a popular blogger use the self hosted open source version you can download at If you need assistance at this just let me know. I am proficient at it because I host many wordpress sites amongst which also the leading dutch skeptical blog If you set-up wordpress right on a good server it is ultra quick.

  8. rich o says:

    Sorry Steve I don’t do the Twitter bug either.

  9. Latitude says:

    I don’t twit either…..

  10. Steve Keohane says:

    What is Twitter?

  11. John Farmer says:

    I don’t use Twitter. Nothing much but sound bites on it. However, I use Facebook regularly and find your blog postings very useful (sharing) to communicate facts regarding “global warming”. Speaking of which, I’m going to kick Al Gore’s rear end if I don’t get some “warming” soon.

  12. I find twitter useful to tittillate people with the truth. They get the full monty at the blog.

  13. Sparks says:

    I already follow you on twitter… It’s just as entertaining as your blog..
    I’m plugged into everything lmao

  14. Gail Combs says:

    I do not do twitter or Face book either

  15. Gail Combs says:

    A suggestion Steve,

    Use both.

    Put up the images on twitter and then link the twitter to this blog.

    That way you hit both groups of people. I often will click on a twitter link at WUWT.

  16. jmrSudbury says:

    Some of your tweets are difficult to follow. One example is “@Bill_In_DC That is the theory, but during the 1998 El Nino there were 4 Atlantic hurricanes at the same time”
    That one does not even have a view conversation link. To which theory does the word ‘That’ refer?

    Your blog is much easier to read. Are there products better than wordpress?
    — John M Reynolds

  17. Yeah, I’ve been watching you head that direction. Twitter is kind of cool and fast, but mostly a waste of time for anything serious. I hope you don’t abandon this site, it’s still much better even if not updated as frequently. Twitter can give you a nice exposure back to here for the more detailed analyses.

    Have you tried greenshot yet? Very nice screenshot program available on LiberKey, (which is also cool). You might pick up a few seconds there (could you even make it save shots directly to wordpress? Maybe so, not sure)

  18. Brian H says:

    Quick pic linking and loading does not justify the shattering of the blog into one-liners. For shame.

  19. lorne50 says:

    Been there still doing that.

  20. markstoval says:

    Hello All,

    I started blogging because you can only tweet little sound bites.

    I use twitter and have made many friends around the world. I engage on twitter as time allows, but when I really want to reply to someone or say something serious I use my blog. As a Rothbardian market anarchist (think classical liberal to the extreme) I know about being “outside the mainstream”; and it is being outside the mainstream that necessitates the long text rather than the short one-liners.

    I follow Steve and he does not follow back but that is OK as I use his tweets to keep up with the blog mostly. Oddly, I do agree with Steve that blogging takes more time and effort — but in his case it has made an impact. Most days only 50-100 folks read my stuff: I bet this blog’s readership is orders of magnitude more than that.

    Keep it up Steve.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Your stuff takes time to chew.

      It is also well outside what we were brainwashed to accept. Until I read a few of your articles I could not see how ‘Anarchy’ could be a viable system so I ignored it. I think it was you who mentioned a society (Celtic?) that was based on direct rule by the people. Like an idiot I didn’t book mark it.

      BTW I liked your The State versus Governance and State, Government, Governance, and Anarchy

      As you said in The Sociopath and the State “It is my belief that service to the state attracts sociopaths.” I think we are seeing that in spades here in the USA.

      My analogy is a septic tank and what floats to the top… The Honest man with integrity just doesn’t stand a chance in the septic tank that is politics. Herman Cain found that out in the last election and Ron Paul in the election before that. Paul pulled out of the race just after the Bilderberg Conference. It was very noticeable if you were following closely.

  21. LFB says:

    Hi Steve – I’m also hoping you don’t abandon this site – I don’t twitter either and don’t want to.

  22. Eric Simpson says:

    I don’t twit either. I might at some point, but also I don’t like the idea of getting interrupted constantly by twits I mean tweets right in the middle of when I’m trying to concentrate on something else. Nevertheless, Steven, I think your tweets serve a different purpose and niche, so I’m I’ll for you tweeting more, especially if it reduces the number of posts you do here on this blog (to a limited degree). Right, sometimes there are just so many blog posts here that in a flash, as a commenter, my comments our relegated to “page 3” and that was just an hour ago. Yeah, and concentrating on quality not quantity, though as it is the quality seems outstanding. And concentrating on building a steady consistent but moderate flow of new blog posts might encourage more commenters per post, so more of a community is built, though there seems to be a lot of comments coming now clearly this blog is near becoming the #1 skeptic blog, so another reason not to downplay the blog as there is a lot of reasons why it’s better often than even wuwt (as NikFromNNYC would point out: it’s more to the point, and less abstract. Just make sure you have solid links to all the data you used in any particular post).

    But don’t do like Tom Nelson and basically just stop despite the incredible following he built. I guess he’s got other things to do. Somebody needs to replicate what Tom Nelson used to do. Or maybe Tom will get back into it when he’s finished his other projects. Or made some money. Or whatever it is.

    What’s incredible is that more and more people are linking to stevengoddard all over the web. My advise continues to be to limit the amount of overtly political posts, though, which you seem to have done to a large degree, so kudos! Political posts will provide a bigger target and make it easier for the opposition to target this blog as politically motivated. Obviously. But we don’t need the politics that much because there’s 3400 (or thereabouts) other sites that concentrate just on conservative political blogging. They do that fine, but they can’t do what you do. So go with your specialization and unrivaled talent. And become the leading edge in putting the fork in the warmist deceivers, and that will be a huge boon to conservative politics as leftists across the board will have to recant and eat crow on global warming climate change.

  23. Miboupop says:

    Please, keep the blog going!

  24. ntesdorf says:

    I don’t tweet. Stick with us on WordPress Steve!

    • Dmh says:

      Yes, here is a way better forum where people can actually say *everything* they’re thinking… twitter is only the “title” of what you’re thinking…

  25. Chuck says:

    Word press has the added fun of Steve publicly shaming people for their idiocy!

  26. Dmh says:

    I’m already following you on twitter, Steve, but *there* is *NOT* the place to discuss anything. Any elaboration is forbidden…

  27. TBT says:

    WordPress sites have a feature which allows posting by email. A host of shortcodes provide an easy way to set most of the attributes of a post. Email may be a faster interface for you to use.

  28. Steve Case says:

    Twitter and its 140 character limit is for those teenagers glued to their IPhones you
    see everywhere. OK, I said that inside the 140 character limit. But If I want to add
    another thought, I just blew through the limit.

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