Great Lakes Set Another Springtime Record – Lake Ontario Up To 62% Ice Cover

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17 Responses to Great Lakes Set Another Springtime Record – Lake Ontario Up To 62% Ice Cover

  1. Dave N says:

    Meanwhile, cleaners are at Joe’s house, mopping up from his head exploding..

  2. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    Obviously caused by global warming driving the missing heat from the bottom of the Ocean to the bottom of the lakes.

    Remember the Edmund Fitzgerald, must be very cold down there now.

  3. Shazaam says:

    Meh, Spring is still 2 weeks off……

    And the white global warming stuff is piled pretty high and widely distributed.

    • Dmh says:

      from the link: “… Only 1969 and 1978 had more snow cover at this point in the year …”
      Certainly *not* a coincidence as temperatures now are falling quickly back to the levels of that period.

    • Mohatdebos says:

      Surprised they did not go back to their favorite shamans to ask how this much snow and ice could be present in a warming world. If I recall from two summers ago, Jeff Masters was all over the place preaching that global warming was causing unprecedented heating of Lake Superior.

  4. Lance says:

    still looking for ice in my oven…..

  5. Billy N.Z. says:

    Oh no,it’s worse than we thought.

  6. KevinK says:

    Lets GO BIG O!!!!, you can hit 70% with a little EXTRA EFFORT…….

    (Just a little cheerleading for my hometown (frontyard) Lake).

  7. KevinK says:

    south shore?, don’t ya mean the “North Coast” ?

    • Morgan says:

      This is going to be close. One more day of cold might do it, but its tough to call

      • Morgan says:

        03/07 started out bitter cold. Thought it would shut down Lake Michigan at least, maybe take us over 94%. Cold all day but really sunny. Sun beating down so hot I needed a sombrero. Everywhere the sun hit I saw steam rising. Heard a blue jay, first of the season, then saw a flock of wild turkeys arrive. Looks like spring is here.

  8. Snow White says:

    Here’s this morning’s view from the Lake Michigan surfcam:

    Personally I think the water looks much more inviting up in Svalbard:

  9. Andy DC says:

    Going to moderate pretty rapidly, so have probably seen close to the max coverage.
    It is remarkable, we did a better job this winter challenging and breaking cold records from the 1970’s cold period than we have done challenging the heat records from the 1930’s hot period.

  10. Crashex says:

    I did a bit of analysis to see how much difference this might make. Used the Canadian’s site’s total area and percentage of coverage for the great lakes region and compared the current sun position for today between an average latitude for Michigan and a spot in the Barents Sea, where the arctic sea ice is below average. The sun only gets to a peak elevation of ~4.5 degr. in the Barents during ~8 hours of daylight while the sun gets to ~40 degrees in Michigan during an 11.5 hour day. The average insolation difference is a ratio of ~ 1 : 10.7. So, the 132 kKm^2 of excess ice in the Great Lakes is reflecting energy equivalent to about 1.4 MKm^2 of ice in the Barents Sea.

    The difference in latitude makes a huge difference in the amount of solar energy influenced by the ice coverage.

  11. Morgan says:

    Can’t wait to see what the March 7 measurements will bring. 94%??

    It was cold today, not so much tomorrow, and spring is coming soon.

  12. Morgan says:

    Ontario didn’t go over 62% and now it’s spring. I won $5

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