95% Of Australia Is Drought Free

Now that the fraudulent temperature statistic push is over, alarmists are planning another big save the carbon tax push in Australia, by making up fraudulent drought statistics.

95% of the country is drought free. Better than average.

ScreenHunter_45 Mar. 10 10.43

Climate Maps – Rainfall Latest

heafig2 (1)

Drought Management Strategies – past, present and future

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12 Responses to 95% Of Australia Is Drought Free

    • wazsah says:

      The BoM map is OK as far as it goes.
      However statements from Australian State Agriculture departments on “drought” relief – that Another Ian links to – quickly get you into the zone of the paranormal. For them it is all about distributing some taxpayer funded payola to voters.
      There is a rich tradition in Australia of politicians making wacko statements about rain and drought.

  1. Andy Oz says:

    The progressive ALP tried to bring in the carbon tax over 20 years ago.

  2. Andy Oz says:

    Anyone see a trend here?

    Heatwaves have accounted for more deaths in Australia than any other climatic event. Some of the worst heatwaves on record are below:

    January 1896 – 437 people died
    January 1908 – 246 people died
    February 1921 – 147 people died
    January 1927 – 130 people died
    January 1939 – 438 people died
    February 1959 – 105 people died
    January 1973 – 26 people died
    February 1981 – 15 people died
    February 1993 – 17 people died
    February 2004 – 12 people died.


    • Dave N says:

      I see a trend of less people dying without a reference as to the reason; which might be better living conditions, better forecasting and communication.

      Just playing devil’s advocate here; alarmists are bound to say the same thing. It’d be interesting if one could quantify those aspects and compare against the number of deaths.

      • Andy Oz says:

        100% agree Dave.
        I just love how alarmists say nothing bad ever happened before 1979 when CO2 was < 350ppm. It was like Nirvana back then ……………. before Kurt did drugs. But it wasn't Nirvana. It was stinking hot almost every summer and lots of people died.

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