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Skepticism Must Be Doing Well

A certain percentage of climate skeptics have turned their attention to turf wars and attacking other skeptics, rather than going after the culprits. Are sure sign of a mature and successful endeavor.

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Climate Experts Say That Greenland And Antarctica Are Both Cooling

We hear an endless drumbeat about the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets melting down and drowning the planet, yet experts say that they are both cooling. Pubs.GISS: Abstract of Shindell and Schmidt 2004 folk.uib.no/abo007/share/greenland/chylek_box04.pdf

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Climate Experts Say That Forest Fires Are Much Worse Now, Due To Mann-Made CO2


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Automobiles Had Already Made The Climate Unlivable By 1934

02 Feb 1935 – DISASTERS OF 1934 REVIEWEL Millions Were Rendere…

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A New Kind Of National Security Threat

In the past when the government saw a national threat, they typically bombed other countries’ industry and infrastructure. The global warming “national security threat” is different in that the US government is now attacking our own coal industry, rather than … Continue reading

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President Obama Keeps His Promise

Wind Industry Study: Electricity Prices Skyrocketing In Largest Wind Power States

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Back To The 16th Century Future

In the 16th century, government pushed a geocentric view of the planet, because it fit with dogma that they were the center of God’s attention. Now they push for a CO2-centric view of the planet, for the same reasons. The … Continue reading

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