For Progressives, 10% Is A Passing Grade

In 2008, Lewis Pugh failed to complete 90% of his kayak trip to the North Pole, and then declared success.

ScreenHunter_613 Mar. 15 08.11

Explorer kayaks to 1,000 km from N.Pole | Reuters


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17 Responses to For Progressives, 10% Is A Passing Grade

  1. David says:

    I don’t see any horshoes or hand grenades.

  2. geran says:

    Comedy writers can’t even make up stuff like this.

  3. Pathway says:

    I love the ice sickles hanging from his glasses.

  4. Brad says:

    This is what will be written, “We were correct all along. The arctic is melting. This man made it to 1000 KM of the north pole in only a kayak. It’s proof of catastrophic melting of the Arctic.”

  5. Back in 2006, I made it to within 5000km (that’s about 3100 miles for all of you who aren’t French socialists) of the North Pole in a car. Obviously, I too was highlighting the rapidly shrinking Arctic ice.

  6. gator69 says:

    I’ve hiked to the Moon! Well, I was only 384,000 kilometers shy.

  7. Robert Austin says:

    Hey. Who invented the kayak, anyway. Long before the white man and his evil CO2 emissions, the Inuit were paddling around the Arctic in their kayaks. Is there any doubt that they regularly paddled distances exceeding 135 km ? Besides which, Pugh started from Spitzbergan which lies in the path of the North Atlantic Current (tributary of Gulf Stream). Even in September 1979, the peak year of (satellite based) Arctic ice extent, the waters North of Spitzbergan were open to the north for a considerable distance. Leave it to the climate fraudsters to try to gild this turd of an expedition.

  8. Gamecock says:

    “put pressure on governments to do more to fight global warming.”

    How does that work? A guy rowing around the Arctic Ocean puts pressure on governments?

    • Mike D says:

      It works because so many voters, particularly women, fall for it and vote. If this was some fat ugly guy steering some motor boat along the same path, not so much.

      • Gail Combs says:

        I resent that remark.

        Some of us women can see pass a not very handsome face. On the other hand there are those who don’t understand the skull is SUPPOSED to encase a brain that is used for thinking.

  9. Ian George says:

    ‘Seadragon (SSN-584), foreground, and her sister Skate (SSN-578) during a rendezvous at the North Pole in August 1962. Note the men on the ice beyond the submarines.’

    Maybe he should have tried this back in 1962.

  10. Morgan says:

    I got 40% of a nobel prize. I got “no” prize.

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