Marty Feldman Forecast The Future

In 1969, I was watching BBC2 in our living room outside Oxford, and the 10 pm weather forecast came on. The weather man was a strange looking guy with bug eyes. He proceeded to deliver one of the funniest things I ever saw on TV.

The only difference between Marty Feldman and John Kerry, is that Feldman understood that he was a professional comedian.


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2 Responses to Marty Feldman Forecast The Future

  1. ccglea says:

    His name was Abbie something.

    Abbie something?

    Abbie normal!

    My favorite Feldman scene!

  2. Perry says:

    Kerry is no Cnut in trying to hold back the tide of Russian progress, but he is a ………..

    Obummer has been caught with his kecks around his ankles & Vlad the Impaler is about to grab him by the flanges of the rsole & draw him on, like a well worn, Wellington/Soviet Russian, boot.

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