AAAS Says That Zero Is An Unprecedented Large Number

Despite “overwhelming evidence”, the AAAS said Americans had failed to appreciate the seriousness of the risks posed by climate change, and had yet to mobilise at a pace and scale needed to avoid a climate catastrophe.

The report noted the climate is warming at almost unprecedented pace.

Climate change is putting world at risk of irreversible changes, scientists warn | Environment |

Scientists believe that no warming for 17 years is proof of unprecedented warming.

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Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs


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11 Responses to AAAS Says That Zero Is An Unprecedented Large Number

  1. pwl says:

    Well it’s mathematically true that there is an infinite number of numbers less than zero so that does make zero a pretty big number by comparison. [;-)]

  2. philjourdan says:

    Such is the sad and sorry state of science in America today. When supposed scientific organizations are incapable of understanding and discerning science from shamanism, it is no wonder the country is on the decline.

  3. diogenes100 says:

    Winston Smith would recognize the rhetoric, the tactics, and the motivation!
    It is only necessary for all of us to embrace Big Brother, and accept his Truth.

  4. gator69 says:

    “…and had yet to mobilise at a pace and scale needed to avoid a climate catastrophe.”

    I don’t have to do anything to outpace that which is not moving. ‘American Idol’ contestants have higher IQ’s than whoever wrote that nonsense. Talk about making yourself irrelevant.

  5. Andy DC says:

    Considering climate has made some very drastic changes over the Earth’s history, an case can be made that we are now in a period of remarkable climate stability.

  6. I have known that science, across the board, was blindly (i.e., illogically) dogmatic in its defense of the academic consensus, all of my adult life–since the late 1960’s–and the old-time scientists who doggedly criticized the many weak points in fundamental theories were simply no longer taken seriously by the up and coming priest-scientists, miseducated from the beginning by their third-rate scientific elders. You won’t get to a place of solid understanding of the degeneration until you begin to realize that undirected evolution is false science, yet it has been the ruling paradigm (basically, in overwrought fear and anger over the notion, or possibility, of a God behind all things) since Darwin. That last sentence, by the way, is what Oliver Manuel doesn’t understand–he thinks it only goes back to the first atom bombs, a very third-rate idea.

    Before climate science, AAAS first cut its teeth asserting the dogma of Darwinian evolution, increasingly over many years, as did all of our most authoritative institutions, and that’s where its current playbook had its origin (the last time I looked, maybe 20 years ago, the AAAS board was full of medical doctors, not hard physical scientists, and all of them evolution zombies, as it were–more than eager to “save the world and science” from “creationists”, the direct antecedent to “climate deniers” in the scientific ecclesiastics’ Sacred Naming of the Enemy). And that’s enough for one comment, here in the outback of scientific discussion.

  7. whiteyward says:

    The governments around the world have programs to make it rain at one time or another. The corporations and USA have massive efforts to weaponize weather control and thousands of high altitude airlines dumping tons of exhaust high enough it last for months. If all goes wrong that vice prez has a tax for everyone’s carbon footprint. Like his private prisons, the carbon thing covers them from blame.

    • Toy says:

      Unfortunately not just exhaust from burning Avgas.
      Try to get any answers from the EPA about all the elements, Al, Ba, Li, etc., spewing from the converted tanker planes that cris-cross the skies.
      Set up your own weather station and take samples!

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