The Great Prophet Mikey Announces Armageddon In 2036

It turns out that the Mayans were wrong about 2012. Armageddon actually occurs in 2036

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Why Global Warming Will Cross a Dangerous Threshold in 2036 – Scientific American

We are so lucky to have these great prophets, like Harold Camping and Michael Mann.


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32 Responses to The Great Prophet Mikey Announces Armageddon In 2036

  1. ntesdorf says:

    Temperatures have not risen for seventeen years. Why would they suddenly shoot up 2 degrees in twenty two years (from a standing start at present)? You could not invent such stupid stuff, even if you were in kindergarten. Their equation is just a self-serving fabrication based on unproven assumptions. Harold Camping and Michael Mann are educated enough to know that they are just running a scam, lying to everyone and taking the money and running.

  2. Mark McGuire says:

    Don’t forget Teacher Wang.
    Teacher Wang’s mistake was to predict a date when he could be held accountable:

    “A SELF-STYLED Taiwanese “prophet” was convicted of “spreading rumours” when he said a monster earthquake would destroy the island last month and fined $1380, a court said.
    Wang later claimed that his remarks were misinterpreted by journalists when the catastrophe failed to materialise, but he was convicted today by a district court in Nantou, central Taiwan, of spreading socially disruptive rumours.”

  3. Andy Oz says:

    SHock News:China Accelerates Global Warming.
    They needed to break up the ice, so they called in the Chinese Air Force!! Now if it was warming, why on earth would they need to do that. ROFL

  4. stargazer says:

    So, Mikey knows exactly what the sun is going to do over the next solar cycle? I’m impressed….

    No, not really. I am astounded anybody listens to him anymore.

    If anybody had 10000 supercomputers working with 10000 decimal points of accuracy on 1000000 grid points on the earth and predicted what Mickey did… I wouldn’t give a dime for the results. The system is just too chaotic to make predictions that far in the future. Mostly because of that big, hot, bright VARIABLE thing you see in the sky every clear day. Or volcanoes. or El Ninos, or La Ninas.

    I will predict that by the time the courts order him to give up the data and emails… he will have forgotten the password. I will also predict that the warming hidden in the oceans will stay hidden.

    • gator69 says:

      The reason the models don’t work, is because they are built by CO2 hating warmists who hide from the Sun like red headed vampires.

  5. Lyle says:

    This reminds me of a story about a little boy that cried wolf. When the wolf really did come, it ate him.

  6. There Is No Substitute for Victory. says:
  7. Cheshirered says:

    We must urgently fund ‘research’ to prevent this catastrophe! 2036 is another 22 years away. That would take Mikey close to retirement. His entire, lucrative career Saving The Planet while suckling at the public teat. Gosh, how convenient.

  8. ralphcramdo says:

    Since I didn’t read the article I’ll assume somewhere in it there’s a sentence that says “send me $20 and I’ll tell you more scary stuff”.

  9. Edmonton Al says:

    He’s off the rails, and awaiting the crash. Thanks to social media, and sites like this.
    Thanks Steven.
    ps: Mann has a couple of lawsuits to settle yet.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Unfortunately Daddy Warbucks is footing the bill for the lawsuits. Mark Steyn countersued for $$$$ (Millions) I sure hope Mark wins. Although with the US legal system it is a real crap shoot.

      (If you believe in the US court system to uphold justice , I have a nice slightly used bridge for sale. It is not even under water!)

  10. El Sabio says:

    Two degrees? The mann’s an idiot. Has he never looked beyond the tree rings?

  11. geran says:

    Ah yes, more pseudo-science from (un)Scientific (un)American.

  12. Gamecock says:

    “In my article “False Hope” in the April 2014 Scientific American, I reveal dramatic curves that show why the world will reach this temperature limit so quickly, and also why the recent slowdown in the rate of temperature increase, if it continues, will only buy us another 10 years.”


    He tells us temp is going up two degrees in 22 years, but he doesn’t know what’s going to happen now? What a maroon. Professing ignorance and clairvoyance in the same sentence.


    “These numbers come from calculations made by me and several colleagues. We plugged values of Earth’s “equilibrium climate sensitivity”—a common measure of the heating effect of greenhouse gases—into a so-called energy balance model. Scientists use the model to investigate possible climate scenarios.”


    Ahhh, models again. “A common measure of the heating effect of greenhouse gases.” Sleight of hand. Just because it’s “common” doesn’t make it right. I think it is proven that the effect of CO2 as a GHG is limited, and at saturation, anyway. Yet Mann prattles on as if it is still 1999.

    • chris y says:


      If those quotes exemplify the writing style now commonly found in Scientific American (to which I subscribed for about 3 decades before the tipping point known as the Lomborg Incident), then the magazine has truly found its spot in the rubbish pile.


  13. policycritic says:

    What is the “common measure of the heating effect of greenhouse gases” according to infrared astronomers?

  14. Bill Illis says:

    Hadcrut4 has been increasing at 0.05C per decade since 1850 (and is close to Zero recently).

    Michael Mann’s formula predicts that it will now change to 0.43C per decade (8 times faster) in order to reach +2.0C by 2036. That rate is also 2 times higher than the IPCC models.

    Charted here.

  15. Morgan says:

    I can’t believe Sci Am published Mike the Pilt. Time to throw Sci Am into the trash with all my National Geographics

  16. Every twenty years they say that disaster is just twenty years away.

  17. Sundance says:

    Mann should start the climate psychic hot line where he can tell your climate future based on your climate zodiac sign. He will look into his crystal climate ball and tell you if you will die by flood, tornado starvation from drought, etc. for the slight fee of $10.00 per minute.

  18. Morgan in Sweden says:

    A bit OT but it seems like the EU will pospone their talks about EU targets for renewable energy and CO2 emissions until next year due to the Ukraine situation. This is a victory for the Poles and their allies in the EU parlament.

  19. Billyjack says:

    Typical idiocy at the Scientific American. I canceled when they started giving Jeffrey Sachs a monthly propaganda column.SA is classic example of the infiltration of society by people specifically to spread Marxist philosophy. The title of magazine has become an oxymoron.

  20. Jl says:

    The climate astrologers strike again.

  21. Justa Joe says:

    And there won’t be an Olympics in 2032.

  22. henrythethird says:

    “…here’s how to make the calculation yourself…”

    Well, my back-of-the-envelope calculation says we should see an unprecedented and alarming rise of about 0.00024C (.0044F) per day.

  23. InMAGICn says:

    SciAm descended into nut-case-land for me when they ran one Reagan-bashing article after another. Their descent had begun even earlier with sociology and psychology scribblings that were reported as science. Their fall took quite a while. Discover mag went nuts almost overnight. The difference is that while SciAm once was good for general science reporting, Dis never was.

  24. QV says:

    According to the latest NCDC/NOAA anomaly figures, February 2014 is only joint 21st warmest February on record.

    The N.H. anomaly is joint 28th warmest and is 0.25c lower than 1935.

  25. Brad says:

    He’s not the only one.

    Oh boy. The purveyors of doom are alive and well. And they seem to be getting stronger.

  26. Dave N says:

    Is this tipping point number 3,462? I’ve lost count. Many alarmists say we’re already experiencing devastating extremes caused by CAGW; is Mann behind in the game, or is he saying we’re not actually there yet?

    As usual, alarmists are having it all ways, in a feeble attempt to be never wrong.

  27. policycritic says:

    That’s all you need? This formula? And you can be a real live climate scientist and predict the future?

    Who knew. What do you study the rest of he time?

  28. Bob Knows says:

    By 2036 the ice will be piling up rapidly in Canada and Russia. Libtards will blame the Ice Age on “climate change” a.k.a. carbon heating fuel. A billion people will starve and brain dead liberals will demand “carbon credits” to stop the ice.

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