15 Million Page Views

This URL has now received 15 million page views. (I’m not sure if NSA monitoring is included in that total.)

That is almost as many page views as Miley Cyrus gets every time she sticks her tongue out.

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42 Responses to 15 Million Page Views

  1. ChrisV says:

    Congrats! It’s a pleasure reading and commenting on your site. It’s usually the first site that I go to during the day.

    • I try to keep my sarcasm slightly less ridiculous than the average White House press release.

      • Gail Combs says:

        That should not be hard at all.

      • omanuel says:

        That must be a very difficult challenge!

        There is encouraging news The American Physical Society included real scientists on its panel to review the earlier APS climate policy statement that drove so many scientists to leave APS.

        For many years I was a member of APS. I went to the national meeting in NY City in 1966 to report that von Weizsacker’s concept of “nuclear binding energy” was deceptively misleading.

        The error remains in textbooks, but I later published several papers on double-beta and other rare modes of decay in Physical Review and other nuclear physics journals and served as a reviewer of other papers submitted to Physical Review Letters.

        Pages 19-27 of my biography show precise experimental data in nuclear and space physics that falsify consensus models of nuclei and stars that have been promoted in APS journals.

        Click to access Chapter_2.pdf

        With kind regards,
        Oliver K. Manuel
        Former NASA Principal
        Investigator for Apollo

      • darrylb says:

        Steve, I think the reviews are based on something sticking out other than M.C. Tongue!!

        • darrylb says:

          RE: Omanuel and the APS Judith Curry, (a selected panel member) has some terrific info on it at her sight Climate etc. — imho a very good sight.

        • Ernest Bush says:

          Judith Curry may be a sight for sore eyes (I don’t know that), but I think you meant site, as in a location somewhere.

  2. Gail Combs says:

    I do not have a TV (and do not miss it) so I had to look Miley Cyrus up.

    This article pretty much shows what our great Progressive education system is no producing:
    Miley Cyrus, Steubenville and teen culture run amok

    Of course adults have been complaining about degenerate teens since ancient Greece.

    And they were right! Just look at Greece now.

  3. geran says:

    Great news that more and more people are “landing” here. You offer both information and humor. Okay, the trolls provide some of the humor, but the information you provide is not easily available elsewhere. It is much appreciated.

  4. gator69 says:

    Fifteen million blog views of Steve after all,
    Fifteen million blog views of Steve!
    Take one down, pass it around…

    Congrats! I’ll toast my Earth-killing evil progeny-hating CO2 beverage to you later, as I grill atmosphere-destroying sea-level raising burgers over a bed of burning poley bear-exterminating charcoal. No, really, that’s my denier menu for tonight.

  5. Lou says:

    If I wanted a laugh, I just come here and watch you mock liberal idiots.

  6. Matt L says:

    Congrats! I found this site via the Drudge Report. Since then, this blog’s been a regular daily stop.

  7. Ben says:

    Congratulations Steven.

    I appreciate your dedication to climate history. Global memory is far too short, and requires constant reminding.

    You have the rare gift of presenting otherwise dry facts in an entertaining manner.

  8. Andy DC says:

    A great product and a desperately needed source of truth! Thanks, Steve!

  9. geologyjim says:

    Thanks a million, Steve. You persistently hold the mirror of history up against the wacko-wobblies who proclaim imminent disaster.

    You are the HALON fire suppressor against the “Fire!!!!” in the theater-yellers

    And you have no effect whatsoever on the Antarctic “ozone hole”

    Susan Solomon is (as always) the consummate dumb-ass idiot. [as gracious as I can be]

  10. Robertv says:

    George washington would be proud of you defending the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. (What’s left of it)

  11. pete says:

    Daily visitor also. You inform with entertainment. Cant beat that duo. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  12. Eric Simpson says:

    Just got to get the groundbreaking points you make into every mind and heart of this country, and the world. Like that made here today in this post: https://stevengoddard.wordpress.com/2014/03/20/mikeys-model-puts-us-in-an-ice-age-in-1960/

    Lol on the Miley Cyrus point. And if you think you got it hard with the 15 million views, I’ve been working for two years to get the views up on this video, as it is the three minute segment of the Great Global Warming Swindle that changed me into a skeptic and when warmists see it they have little to offer but an effort to change the subject. Well, after 2 years the views on the youtube video has gone up by only 10,000. Um, I’d rather take 15 million, though we need to get views on that video up to 150 million!

    • Eric Simpson says:

      Oh, and the link to the video I was talking about in the paragraph above didn’t register, it’s this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WK_WyvfcJyg&info=GGWarmingSwindle_CO2Lag

      • Gail Combs says:

        It is a swindle alright.

        For the ordinary person MONEY rings a bell faster than science does.

        That is why warmists ALWAYS scream a well funded (by BIG OIL) Denial Machine when they know full well that Enron, the Rockefellers, BP and Shell have been in on the scham (and funding CAGW) from the start. The Bankers are also in on the scam.

    • Eric Simpson says:

      And I remember when you had the real-science domain and had just hit I think a million views. That was huge. Now you’ve come a long long way beyond that. Expect 20 million in barely a heartbeat, and 30 million before long.

      • Gail Combs says:

        Unfortunately the Warmist seem to be winning the war:

        Friday, February 21, 2014

        Though many voters believe there is significant disagreement in the scientific community, global warming advocates seem to be winning the public relations battle with fewer voters than ever who now think it is due to long-term planetary trends….

        A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 63% of Likely U.S. Voters believe global warming is at least a somewhat serious problem, including 30% who say it is Very Serious….


        The chart in the article shows those who think climate is due to long-term planetary trends has dropped from 50% in Jan 2010 to 35% in Feb 2014. – Not good.

        The warmists are winning the PR war probably due to the concentrated brainwashing in public schools that is then taken home by the kiddies who convince their parents.

        • Eric Simpson says:


          We got a huge amount of positive publicity at the end of 2009 with Climategate and Hide the Decline. Unfortunately, since then, even though we that frequent the skeptic blogs may see a different picture, the warmists in alignment with the liberal media, are slowly reclaiming their previous position.

          We need to shake things up. We need to hit ourselves over the head and say… this isn’t working! We need to run paid advertising campaigns, with mega-expenditures and solid creative, and that will work. We need to let the truth be known. Why doesn’t somebody get on the ball and put together an effective ad campaign and raise the money, because conservatives will give $ to an effective campaign. Get cracking. Somebody.

          I mean the WWF and all kind of groups are spending huge amounts to promote the leftist vision of climate change. But we do.. nothing. We sit and take it. Not good.

  13. catweazle666 says:

    Well done Steve, keep it up!

  14. Steve,
    You attract some pretty smart people. Gator69 is always interesting although I wonder about that 69 thing.

    Gail Combs is everywhere and I hope to meet her in person on my next trip to the great state of North Carolina.

    Catweazel666 is pretty good but that “Number of the Beast” worries me more than Gator’s 69.

    Your greatest asset is your ability to explain the absurdities of “Climate Science” or should I say “Non-Science” (equals nonsense).

  15. gregole says:


    Awesome! Great job. Just love the site, love the facts, am here every day. I really look forward to getting home and checking it out.

  16. Chewer says:

    Congrats Steven,
    I can’t wait for rowing season in the Arctic 😉

  17. henrythethird says:

    “…This URL has now received 15 million page views…”

    And yet sites like Open Mind and Rabett Run don’t show or announce theirs. They’re used to “hiding the decline”, anyway.

    Next goal should be to pass RealClimate (today showing 18,980,124).

  18. D.M. says:

    Well done Steve. I visit your site at least twice a day. I am most impressed by how you find the appropriate historical information which puts things into perspective and often makes a mockery of some current pronouncements. And you provide us with the latest real data which I would find difficult to locate.
    And for those who have wondered about the scientific ability of many so called “climate scientists” I have a partial explanation. In one of the UK big name universities known for its “expertise in climate science” (with many entries in Climategate!), you don’t need a physics qualification for entry to their BSc Climate Science degree course! And there doesn’t seem to be a physics module in the course itself. Well at least the graduates won’t know they are spouting BS!

  19. Eric Simpson,
    You are unduly pessimistic. Thanks to a few unpaid bloggers it does not matter what governments and the WWF spend on climate propaganda. Climate change is not in the top twenty of concerns for the general public.

    The Greenies have real political power which they squandered. All around the world people are waking up to the problems of wind wave and solar. Even the WWF lacks the funds needed to overcome the negative publicity from the slaughter of birds and bats by Wind Turbines”. The chickens are coming home to roost!

  20. Gamecock says:

    I’ve connected 1 million times. When do I get my bigoilcheck?

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