Mann-Made Overheated Atmosphere Brings An Early Spring To Michigan

ScreenHunter_751 Mar. 20 07.36

Lower Harbor View.

NCDC says that many years have been colder there, because they have institutionalized lying about the climate.

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10 Responses to Mann-Made Overheated Atmosphere Brings An Early Spring To Michigan

    • Gail Combs says:

      What is going on with the temperatures?

      The coldest day was Feb. 6. That day the temperature dropped to -23 degrees.

      I can remember days of temperatures below minus 30 °F in New York and New Hampshire. I had to hang drop cords out the apartment window and plug in the engine block header (and a battery charger) to make sure I could start my VW diesel rabbit Pk-up. Also had to warm up 2 gals of diesel fuel to pour in the tank.

  1. tom0mason says:

    CO2 must have bypassed this locality!

  2. omanuel says:


    The good news today is that three real climate scientists will be included in the upcoming review of the American Physical Society’s seriously flawed climate statement.

    I posted this message on Professor Curry’s blog and will send similar messages to Lindzen and Christy:

    Congratulations, Professor Curry!

    I was a member of APS and went to the national meeting in NY City in 1966 to report that von Weizsacker’s concept of “nuclear binding energy” was deceptively misleading.

    Unfortunately that error still remains in textbooks of nuclear physics and chemistry, but I later published papers on double-beta and other rare modes of decay in Physical Review and served as a reviewer of other papers submitted to Physical Review Letters.

    I hope you succeed in reversing the decline of APS. Pages 19-27 of my biography show precise experimental data in nuclear and space physics that falsify popular models of nuclei and stars in APS journals.

    Click to access Chapter_2.pdf

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

  3. PaulB says:

    Makes me want to go to the Vierling for a beer……..

  4. Wow, look how deep the snow is at the marina rest room building!

    • Chewer says:

      I’m sure that if the snow machine was open longer (Superior), the depth would be a real bugger 😉
      I remember the days snow blowing on Jackson street day after day all winter long!
      One storm dropped 105″ over a long weekend 😉

  5. Hugh K says:

    Nothing a lot of data-tampering can’t fix. Yes we can!

  6. DJL says:

    Link to the lift bridge cam between Houghton & Hancock MI, west north west of Marquette.
    Still lots of snow on the ground.<!–#echo var=

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