Mikey’s Model Makes It 12C Colder In 1850

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7 Responses to Mikey’s Model Makes It 12C Colder In 1850

  1. ACR says:

    Other climate scientists have been able to cool the past by 3-4 degrees max. The bold Mann can cool the past by 12C. The other scientists are rank amateurs.

    • True, Mann is bold.. why stop at 12C ??
      The Media Sycopants and Guardian Idealogues will never call him out on it, ask a question, nor counter this falsity a peep … Hell .. why not 100C ?? It will make the Hockey Stick look better.

  2. gator69 says:

    Mikey is a post modern creationist!

  3. 11°C in 150 years means that it was well below -273°C less than 4000 years ago. This is obviously correct, because the Egyptians needed very cold temperatures to be able to survive the Summer whilst stacking large blocks up (it’s sweaty work). Also, as Michael Mann is well aware, most animals evolved in the 1970s & can’t survive the 1990s.

  4. Matt L says:

    Surely Mann and his ilk anticipated someone would run his code to see how well it stacks up against history. Undoubtedly somewhere in the fine print is a disclaimer that Mann’s code is strictly for forward modeling.

  5. Gail Combs says:

    Looks like Mikey is predicting a return to the Eocene Optimum. GRAPH

    I wonder how he is planing to rearrange the continental place to open the Isthmus of Panama and Close Drake Passage and flatten the mountains?

  6. Gail Combs says:

    ARGGHHHH, I would trade Mikey for a preview feature
    continental place = continental plates.

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