Brilliant Sunshine – Tee Times Available At Minus 45 Degrees

Climate experts announced earlier this week that Greenland is melting down faster than expected, at 77 degrees below the freezing point.

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10 Responses to Brilliant Sunshine – Tee Times Available At Minus 45 Degrees

  1. omanuel says:

    Thank you, Steven, for your great sense of humor.

    There is probably no better way to deal with the insanity that now grips the globe.

    Even lay members of society are now aware of the insanity of science:

    • There Is No Substitute for Victory. says:

      The inconsiderate member who failed to replace his divots should be fined. Evidently a golf ball doesn’t carry very far in Greenland.

      • Andy Oz says:

        Golfing tip. Use a high vis ball. I lost so many of my white golf balls last year!! Cost more than the green fees!
        And since climate scientists say there are no more poley bears, you don’t need a gun in the kit.

  2. squid2112 says:

    WOOHOO!! … Finally!!! … Count me in! .. I’m there man! … Got my clubs and ready to go!

  3. Gail Combs says:

    So we have “Climate Scientists” who do not know the difference between ‘Melting’ and ‘Sublimation’ due to the atmosphere and ‘Melting’ Due to Geothermal Activity!

    Scientists have discovered what they think may be another reason why Greenland ‘s ice is melting: a thin spot in Earth’s crust is enabling underground magma to heat the ice.

    They have found at least one “hotspot” in the northeast corner of Greenland — just below a site where an ice stream was recently discovered…..

    I want a job as a Climate Sciwentist. I want to earn BIG BUCKS!!! ~ $80,000 plus
    The Salaries of Scientists by Discipline (current as of December, 2005)

  4. “But wait!”, Dr. Hal Wanless, U of Miami professor / chair of Dept of Geologic Sciences would say, “this denier Steve Goddard is only showing a still photo. Show a time lapse sequence instead, and the melting will be obvious to see.”

    Or so that’s what this guy wanted PBS NewsHour viewers to believe a couple of days ago:

  5. Scarface says:

    “Greenland is melting down faster than expected, at 77 degrees below the freezing point.”

    Negative melt sounds very dangerous. They really could get away with it.

  6. Morgan says:

    It’s amazing that the alarmists use melting in Greenland as a proxy for global temperatures but claim that isotope levels in Greenland ice cores are only a local proxy, when in fact, isotope levels in the ice cores, because they represent temperatures at the evaporation site, are a global proxy, and ice melting in Greenland is only local because it’s caused by volcanic activity under the ice. So the volcanoes in Greenland show global warming but the ice cores are only local! ROTFLMAO!

    The science fraud just goes from staggering to flabbergasting.

  7. gator69 says:

    Are you sure that’s a golf course? I haven’t seen Air Force One.

  8. Billy Liar says:

    It’s been -60C on the course today. Brass balls only.

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