No Matter How Much Tampering They Do, They Just Can’t Get Up To Scenario C

Hansen’s Scenario C assumed that CO2 emissions essentially stopped after the year 2000. But even with their most recent data tampering, NASA can’t get temperatures quite up to the zero emissions level.

ScreenHunter_778 Mar. 21 07.51

The graph below shows the actual temperature, as measured from satellite data by neutral people without a global warming agenda.

ScreenHunter_344 Mar. 06 17.11

There is no basis for alarm about CO2, yet the experts whose careers, livelihood and prestige depend on it – continue to lie and defraud taxpayers.


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17 Responses to No Matter How Much Tampering They Do, They Just Can’t Get Up To Scenario C

  1. Pathway says:

    The basis for the alarms is that they may loose their career, livelihood and prestige.

    • omanuel says:

      They will lose everything if the public realizes phony scientists have been taking public funds to promote false propaganda for the tyrants that ruled the world by deceit after WWII ended.

      Sixty-eight years (2014 – 1946 = 68 yrs) ago:
      1. George Orwell started writing “Nineteen Eighty-Four”
      2. Phony scientists started publishing false “consensus models” of cores of
      _ a.) Ordinary stars being composed of hydrogen, rather than iron
      _ b.) Atoms stabilized by neutron attraction, rather than destabilized by neutron repulsion

    • Gail Combs says:

      It is worse than that.

      Much Much Worse.

      This is the culmination of a long term plan to move humanity back to serfdom. A worldwide feudalistic system (aka Agenda 21) that has been over a century in the making. The goal is to get rid of the middle class and make it impossible for the peasants to ever challenge the ruling class while feeding them enough propaganda to keep them working diligently instead of revolting. These are the roles of ‘Common Core’ education, ‘Environmentalism and :Climate Change’ To MAKE the peasants wear their serfs collars happily because they believe they are ‘Saving the Enviornment’

      The brain washing of American children started over a century ago.

      John Dewey’s progressive education experiment at the University of Chicago Laboratory School in 1896 was funded by a gift from John D. Rockefeller. Dewey tested the effects of his new psychology on real live children. The purpose of the school was to show how education could be changed to produce little socialists and collectivists instead of little capitalists and individualists. The traditional curriculum that produced capitalists and individualists system was based on one key element: high literacy. For Dewey, the greatest obstacle to socialism was the private individual seeking knowledge in order to exercise its own private judgment and intellectual authority. High literacy gave the individual the means to seek knowledge independently. It gave individuals the means to stand on their own two feet and think for themselves. This was detrimental to the “social spirit” needed to bring about a collectivist (aka feudalistic ) society. SEE: (wwwDOT)

      You can actually see the results of this. The Democrats move as a unit. They are cohesive in thought, because they don’t really think they ‘feel’, while the rest of us are splintered. Check out Rasmussen reports with that in mind and it is very evident.

      More recently there is other evidence of the behind the scenes maneuvering.

      Pascal Lamy: Whither Globalization?

      Where is globalization headed? This is probably the central question of our time.

      …In the same way, climate change negotiations are not just about the global environment but global economics as well — the way that technology, costs and growth are to be distributed and shared?

      Can we balance the need for a sustainable planet with the need to provide billions with decent living standards? Can we do that without questioning radically the Western way of life? {read middle class existance]….

      The reality is that, so far, we have largely failed to articulate a clear and compelling vision of why a new global order matters — and where the world should be headed. Half a century ago, those who designed the post-war system — the United Nations, the Bretton Woods system, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) — were deeply influenced by the shared lessons of history.

      All had lived through the chaos of the 1930s — when turning inwards led to economic depression, nationalism and war. All, including the defeated powers, agreed that the road to peace lay with building a new international order — and an approach to international relations that questioned the Westphalian, sacrosanct principle of sovereignty — rooted in freedom, openness, prosperity and interdependence….

      Pascal Lamy was the director-general of the World Trade Organization from 2005 to 2013.

      So since the 1930s the goal has been to kill off the USA Constitution and establish a world government. So what was happening in the 1930s? Congressman Louis McFadden tells us.

      Congressman McFadden
      Remarks in Congress, 1934

      “Mr. Chairman, we have in this Country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks, hereinafter called the Fed. The Fed has cheated the Government of these United States and the people of the United States out of enough money to pay the Nation’s debt. The depredations and iniquities of the Fed has cost enough money to pay the National debt several times over.

      “This evil institution has impoverished and ruined the people of these United States, has bankrupted itself, and has practically bankrupted our Government. It has done this through the defects of the law under which it operates, through the maladministration of that law by the Fed and through the corrupt practices of the moneyed vultures who control it…..

      “These twelve private credit monopolies were deceitfully and disloyally foisted upon this Country by the bankers who came here from Europe and repaid us our hospitality by undermining our American institutions. Those bankers took money out of this Country to finance Japan in a war against Russia. They created a reign of terror in Russia with our money in order to help that war along. They instigated the separate peace between Germany and Russia, and thus drove a wedge between the allies in World War. They financed Trotsky’s passage from New York to Russia so that he might assist in the destruction of the Russian Empire. They fomented and instigated the Russian Revolution, and placed a large fund of American dollars at Trotsky’s disposal in one of their branch banks in Sweden so that through him Russian homes might be thoroughly broken up and Russian children flung far and wide from their natural protectors. They have since begun breaking up of American homes and the dispersal of American children.….

      “..breaking up of American homes and the dispersal of American children.” refers to the Agricultural Depression and the Great Depression both orchestrated by the Federal Reserve.

      Secrets of the Federal Reserve
      by Eustace Mullins
      Chapter 9 — The Agricultural Depression

      ….1918 by Carter Glass as Secretary of the Treasury. Both Strauss and Glass were present during the secret meeting of the Federal Reserve Board on May 18, 1920, when the Agricultural Depression of 1920-21 was made possible….

      The most important role of the Liberty Bonds was to soak up the increase in circulation of the medium of exchange (integer of account) brought about by the large amount of currency and credit put out during the war. Laborers were paid high wages, and farmers received the highest prices for their produce they had ever known. These two groups accumulated millions of dollars in cash which they did not put into Liberty Bonds. That money was effectively out of the hands of the Wall Street group which controlled the money and credit of the United States. They wanted it back, and that is why we had the Agricultural Depression of 1920-21.

      Much of the money was deposited in small country banks in the Middle West and West which had refused to have any part of the Federal Reserve System, the farmers and ranchers of those regions seeing no good reason why they should give a group of international financiers control of their money. The main job of the Federal Reserve System was to break these small country banks and get back the money which had been paid out to the farmers during the war, in effect, ruin them, and this it proceeded to do.

      First of all, a Federal Farm Loan Board was set up which encouraged the farmers to invest their accrued money in land on long term loans, which the farmers were eager to do. Then inflation was allowed to take its course in this country and in Europe in 1919 and 1920.

      ….while the propertied classes were enriched by the inflation because of the enormous increase in the value of land and manufactured goods. The workers were thus effectively impoverished, but the farmers, who were as a class more thrifty, and who were more self-sufficient, had to be handled more harshly….

      “In the early part of 1920, the farmers were exceedingly prosperous. They were paying off the mortgages and buying a lot of new land, at the instance of the Government–had borrowed money to do it–and then they were bankrupted by a sudden contraction of credit and currency which took place in 1920. What took place in 1920 was just the reverse of what should have been taking place. Instead of liquidating the excess of credits created by the war through a period of years, the Federal Reserve Board met in a meeting which was not disclosed to the public…The Class C Directors, representing the people of the United States, were not present and were not invited to be present.

      Only the big bankers were there, and their work of that day resulted in a contraction of credit which had the effect the next year of reducing the national income fifteen billion dollars, throwing millions of people out of employment, and reducing the value of lands and ranches by twenty billion dollars.”….
      [In other words the Agricultural Depression was created by the US Federal Reserve INTENTIONALLY! ]
      Mr. Wingo testified that in April, May, June and July of 1920, the manufacturers and merchants were allowed a very large increase in credits. This was to tide them through the contraction of credit which was intended to ruin the American farmers, who, during this period, were denied all credit.

      At the Senate Hearings in 1923, Eugene Meyer, Jr. put his finger on a primary reason for the Federal Reserve Board’s action in raising the interest rate to 7% on agricultural and livestock paper:

      …Meyer was correct in pointing this out. The purpose of the Board’s action was to break those state and joint land stock banks which had steadfastly refused to surrender their freedom to the banker’s dictatorship set up by the System.


      Unfortunately it is almost impossible to get the Bankster/Progressive trained people to actually read and understand this!

  2. QV says:

    Tamino at “Open Mind”, seems to be saying it’s due low Methane concentrations:

  3. robbcab says:

    I find too humorous that Hansen just about nailed current temps in his “Zero Emissions” scenario despite the large climb in CO2.

    Really makes me wonder if they actually can model the climate and just banked on getting regulations in place sooner to say “See we were right all along.”

    • Gail Combs says:

      Do not forget that Shackleton had backed up the Milankovitch theory with data and Giesenburg had published several papers about the 88 year solar cycle at the same time Holdren, Obama’s science czar was writing about de-developing the USA and Maurice Strong was chairing the first UN Earth Summit. It is interesting to note that Strong was talking of GLOBAL WARMING in 1972 so they expected the temperature to rise for several decades.

      Shahinaz M. Yousef
      Astronomy &Meteorology Dept.
      Faculty of Science -Cairo University

      …. it is found that there are three types of solar cycles occurring on the sun namely, those occurring during Maunder minimum anomalies that caused the very cold weather in the little ice age (1645-1715), normal sunspots and low amplitude (weak sunspots of longer duration) occurring in the shallow dip in between successive Wolf- Gleissberg cycles. The later ones also induce cooling of the air and sea surface temperatures. The key in understanding the cause and effect of those types of solar cycles lies in the fact that those low amplitude intermediate cycles rotate faster than the normal ones thus . Hoyt and Schatten (1997) argue that any change in solar rotation rate is a very persuasive indicator that the deeper levels of convection are varying, and hence there is a corresponding variation in solar luminosity and irradiance. Also there has been evidence of change of the daily equatorial rates and cycle length at the maximum of the last Solar Wolf-Gleissberg cycle around cycle 19.

      Climate fluctuations are known from, sharp rises or falls of lakes levels, temperature anomalies, change in the general wind circulation and droughts and flood- Hazards. Yousef(1995a) predicted the downturn of solar activity in 1997 with the start of weak low amplitude fast rotation and longer duration sunspot cycle 23. This is evidently confirmed by the sharp rise of lake Victoria level in 1997-98. Lean (2001) is also seeing a drop in the solar irradiance which might be the start of a longer term drop. Since that is the case, then 1997 is a year of climate fluctuation and a drop of global earth air and sea temperature is predicted soon similar to that happened during similar circumstances around 1800 and 1900, with increased El Nino and La Nina frequencies leading to wide spread flood -drought hazards and God knows best….‎

      So no they did not know the exact timing but they had a pretty good idea the weather would warm and then would start turning cooler after the turn of the century. That is why the big push for an agreement at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference in December 2009.

  4. Dmh says:

    Note the obvious downward trend after 2005! 🙂

  5. Send Al to the Pole says:

    You can be sure there is a plot to take over RSS and UAH. Be sure of it. They are the only thing holding back the insanity.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Note that Dr, Spencer got so fed up that he now calls them the global warming Nazis.

      Someone must have really badgered the poor man to have him lash out like that.

  6. QV says:

    Despite tampering, the NCDC/NOAA, February global anomaly was only joint 21st warmest on record for the month (ending a run of “top ten” values) and the second February in three years which is lower than Feb. 1983.
    And the Feb. NH anomaly was the joint 28th warmest, which at 0.35c was 0.25c colder than Feb. 1935.
    All February anomalies so far announced showed big falls and there is no reason why HadCrut4 will not be similar.
    Is there any reason why February anomalies should be particularly low, as they are all relative to the same month?

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