Before CO2 Ruined The Great Lakes

On this date in 1903, Niagara Falls ran dry. CO2 was a very safe 300 PPM at the time.

ScreenHunter_852 Mar. 22 13.37

The Post and Courier – Google News Archive Search


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11 Responses to Before CO2 Ruined The Great Lakes

  1. Robertv says:

    Drought because of no rain or hot weather or low CO2.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Drought because the weather patterns shifted. In some cases the patterns shifted for hundreds of years. The American Southwest, has a history of mega-droughts that last for decades and even centuries.

      Other areas also have histories of drought. (Usually the rain moves elsewhere)

      Solar forcing of the Indian summer monsoon variability during the Ållerød period September 2013

      Rapid climatic shifts across the last glacial to Holocene transition are pervasive feature of the North Atlantic as well as low latitude proxy archives. Our decadal to centennial scale record of summer monsoon proxy Globigerina bulloides from rapidly accumulating sediments from Hole 723A, Arabian Sea shows two distinct intervals of weak summer monsoon wind coinciding with cold periods within Ållerød inerstadial of the North Atlantic named here as IACP-A1 and IACP-A2 and dated (within dating uncertainties) at 13.5 and 13.3 calibrated kilo years before the present (cal kyr BP), respectively. Spectral analysis of the Globigerina bulloides time series for the segment 13.6–13.1 kyr (Ållerød period) reveals a strong solar 208-year cycle also known as de Vries or Suess cycle, suggesting that the centennial scale variability in Indian summer monsoon winds during the Ållerød inerstadial was driven by changes in the solar irradiance through stratospheric-tropospheric interactions.

      Similar paper from 2001: Evidence for solar forcing on the Indian monsoon during the last millennium (wwwDOT)

      The Holocene Asian Monsoon: Links to Solar Changes and North Atlantic Climate

      A 5-year-resolution absolute-dated oxygen isotope record from Dongge Cave, southern China, provides a continuous history of the Asian monsoon over the past 9000 years. Although the record broadly follows summer insolation, it is punctuated by eight weak monsoon events lasting ∼1 to 5 centuries. One correlates with the “8200-year” event, another with the collapse of the Chinese Neolithic culture, and most with North Atlantic ice-rafting events. Cross-correlation of the decadal- to centennial-scale monsoon record with the atmospheric carbon-14 record shows that some, but not all, of the monsoon variability at these frequencies results from changes in solar output.

      Influence of solar activity on breaching, overflowing and course-shifting events of the Lower Yellow River in the late Holocene

      The Lower Yellow River (LYR) has been characterized as a frequently breaching, overflowing and shifting river in historical periods….. Results showed that 75.5% of the LYR CSEs and 61.7% of the LYR BOEs occurred in sunspot number decline phases of 11 yr solar cycles, suggesting that the LYR changed more frequently during the sunspot number decline phases. The underlying mechanism of this phenomenon was further interpreted as the high correlation between sunspot decline phases and heavy rainfall in the middle reaches of Yellow River (MYR). Five of the six heavy rainfall years over the last 60 years and 14 of the 16 well-known heavy rainfall records from 132 BC to AD 1933 in the MYR occurred in sunspot decline phases…

  2. GeologyJim says:

    C’mon folks, let’s stop talking the Warmists talk.

    Face it, CO2 don’t mean DICK as far as global atmospheric temperatures. CO2 has risen 10 percent in the last 17 years while global temps (satellite data only – no fudged NOAA/NASA crap data!) have gone nowhere.

    Ice core data show that temp moves up/down hundreds of years before CO2 rises/falls – so clearly temp determines CO2, not the other way around.

    That’s it. Everything else is Leftist propaganda

  3. Robertv says:

    March 30, 1848: Niagara Falls Runs Dry

    Strong southwest gale winds had pushed huge chunks of lake ice to the extreme northeastern tip of Lake Erie, blocking the lake’s outlet into the head of the Niagara River. The ice jam had become an ice dam.

  4. A quick check of facts on the internet show this story to be false. We know the American Falls were turned off in 1969 and before that it is reported the Niagara River lost flow due to an ice dam at the mouth of Lake Erie. But, nothing remarkable occurred to the American Falls in 1903. Steve got hoodwinked. Surprising, because he seems sharp enough to catch errors.

  5. Ben says:


    At the Library of Congress, the closest I could find was a reference to dry falls was due to the construction of Wing Dam. Also discussed is reduced water over the falls due to new power plants and Chicago Canal, but nothing about dry falls due to drought.

  6. Ben says:

    More confirmation at trove. The dry bed in 1903 was due to construction of a wing dam so that hydroelectric power plants could be constructed. (niagara falls) date:[1903 TO 1904]

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