WordPress Introduces Another Bug

In their endless efforts to make WordPress less useful, WordPress programmers just introduced a new bug a few minutes ago – which makes it impossible to drag links or images into a page you are writing.


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8 Responses to WordPress Introduces Another Bug

  1. dfbaskwill says:

    Are you sure it isn’t a Russian hacker? Possibly a NSA, CIA, FBI, IRS conspiracy? Or Google just messing with us?

  2. Try Live Writer, Steve.

    You can write the post, copy images straight in , etc. When you’re ready to post, it’s one-click and job done.

  3. R. de Haan says:

    It’s a perfectly normal development.

    Some people write a perfectly good program. Then other people step in an ruin it because they think they make it better.

    A lot of good software went through the drain this way.

    The same happens with democracies and republics.

    The end up with so many rules and regulations people get desperate.
    Than a guy steps in promising change and spreading the wealth and before you know it you live on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain.

    Shit happens

  4. Yes, but now your friends can “enjoy” your web-page on facebunk & “share” it on twatter. Or whatever it is that people who drive Jeep Cherokees do with their phones.

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