A Religion Based On Lies

In the absence of any warming during the lives of nearly one third of the people on Earth, the team has changed strategy to simply crank out one lie after another. Some of the notable ones from the past two years are :

  • Biggest fire in Colorado history (off by a factor of 100)
  • Biggest flood in Colorado history (off by a factor of 5+)
  • Sandy was the biggest storm in history
  • Philippines typhoon had the highest wind speeds in history
  • 2012 was the most extreme year in US history
  • Arctic ice is the lowest winter maximum on record
  • 97% of scientists believe global warming is Mann-made and a serious threat
  • etc. etc. etc.

The people behind this have no morals or integrity. It is about money, power, control, and useful idiots.

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15 Responses to A Religion Based On Lies

  1. ntesdorf says:

    The hype, the lies, and the exaggeration are growing at a rate that totally eclipses any temperature rise that there ever was in history.

  2. Gail Combs says:

    What continually floors me is that Americans swallow this crap without question.

    Energy Update:61% See Shale Oil Development As Likely to End U.S. Dependence on Foreign Oil

    Voters overwhelmingly believe it is important for the United States to become less dependent on oil imports and continue to see both shale oil development and government-funded programs to promote alternate energy sources as ways to get there.

    A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 86% of Likely U.S. Voters think it’s at least somewhat important for the United States to become less dependent on oil imports, with 60% who say it’s Very Important….

    This is exactly what Shell Oil was planning: Note that not only Ged Davis but Doug McKay was from Shell Oil and at the IPCC scenario meetings. (Climategate e-mail Meeting Notice) Doug McKay was also Senior Financial Analyst with the World Bank.

    Subject: new IPCC-SRES Zero Order Draft
    Dear Colleagues:

    I am sending you a copy of Ged Davis’ IPCC-SRES Zero Order Draft on
    storylines and scenarios. The text is appended below…

    4. Sustainable Development (B1)
    The central elements of this scenario family include high levels of environmental and social consciousness, successful governance including major social innovation, and reductions in income and social inequality…..

    4.21 Energy Resources/Technology
    Energy efficiency innovations, and successful institutional innovations disseminating their use, result in much lower levels of energy use relative to historic patterns. The forward-looking nature of societal planning results in relatively smooth transitions to alternative energy systems as conventional oil and gas resources dwindle in availability. There is major use of unconventional natural gas as fuel supply during the transition, but the major push is towards renewable resources such as solar and wind. The impact of environmental concerns is a significant factor in the planning for new energy systems.

    Two alternative energy systems, leading to two sub-scenarios, are considered to provide this energy:

    1. Widespread expansion of natural gas, with a growing role for renewable energy (scenario B1N). Oil and coal are of lesser importance, especially post-2050. This transition is faster in the developed than in the developing countries.

    2. A more rapid development of renewables, replacing coal and oil; the bulk of the remaining energy coming from natural gas (scenario B1R)….

    Nuclear is not even mentioned in B1 although it is just barely mentioned in other scenarios.

    This snippet is rather interesting, Hydro-power is viewed as EVIL too.

    6. Regional Stewardship (B2)
    … There is relatively low trust, global agreements are difficult to reach and the result is ‘multiple islands’ with inward looking policies. This is a world of good intentions, which are not capable of being
    implemented…. [Some much for Shell Oil/Ged Davis’s views on National Sovereignty. We MUST have the UN running the world if the environment is to be protected.]

    Because of the concern about ecological fragility, alternative and renewable energy systems are viewed with much hope and are socially and politically encouraged. Biomass technologies and policies are invigorated….

    Hydroelectric power is a constrained bag. Dams are viewed with disdain because there are soon no more wild rivers anywhere and the rights of indigenous people have been egregiously violated. Although they are relatively clean from the perspective of carbon emissions, their effects on indigenous people (mercury poisoning of fish, etc.) becomes unacceptable. Decommissioning dams is widespread to restore pristine ecological systems downstream.

    …Energy intensity declines at a rate of 1.3%/year to a value of 0.12 toe/$1000 in 2100. This represents a total global energy usage in 2100 of 1250 EJ, of which 300 EJ is oil and gas; 100 EJ coal and 900 EJ is non-carbon renewables, with nuclear’s role limited.

    • omanuel says:


      RE: Who controls planet Earth?

      Are you are old enough to remember that

      USSR controlled the space around planet Earth after launching Sputnik in Oct 1957, and

      Alert enough to realize that the USA returned control of space to the USSR in Jan 1972 when Kissinger and Nixon agreed to end the Apollo program in exchange for an end to the Cold War?

      Can the USA fly to the International Space Station now? Or does the USA now depend on Russian rockets to get there?

      Bold, rigorously honest answers to these questions show who controls planet Earth today.

  3. tom0mason says:

    So when is Saint Catastrophist’s day?

    • catweazle666 says:

      I think it’s time Onan was canonised.

      That would cater to the requirements for a personal saint of an ever-increasing proportion of the population.

      Perhaps someone could get up a petition and send it to the Vatican.

  4. omnologos says:

    Personally it’s not much what McI or Anthony W or you or Bishop Hill or anybody else has to say…as long as these exaggerations keep coming I will remain very skeptical of the people making them up.

    Nobody needs exaggerating a true existential threat.

    Ps OTOH the warming-without-warming is a truly unprecedented even in 14.8 billion years of universal history 😉

  5. Jason Calley says:

    Half a century ago, when psychological warfare was being waged against a population it was most often cloaked as “news”. Today, most people do not have much trust in newscasters, so the propaganda comes disguised as “science.”

  6. Andy DC says:

    As more and more people become aware of the unbelievable lies, the climate change scam will collapse under its own weight.

  7. • Skeptic climate scientists are paid shills of the fossil fuel industry.

    Thus, global warming hysteria is really nothing more than a variation of a ponzi scheme, but in this situation it is based on constant infusions of false information about its science claims AND libel/slander of its critics. When the larger public loses all faith in AGW, down it goes in the most epic ideological collapse of all time.

  8. Psalmon says:

    I nominate: Worst Drought in California’s History.

    Forecast today and Thursday: Heavy rain and snow for the Sierras
    Forecast for Saturday: Heavy rain and snow for the Sierras
    Forecast for next Thursday: Heavy rain and snow for the Sierras

    In 10 days it will be interesting to see where the reservoirs stand. As of now they are below their seasonal normal, but have been steadily filling in February and March. All are well above 1977, and diverging in trend, up. 1977 is the acknowledged worst water storage year ever.

    The story is here that O showed up in mid February with a couple hundred million, announced a $1B climate change fund, and promptly cut off all the water to farmers. The reservoirs are filling. The farmers are now suing. And the drought is permanent. The local and national media are all in showing the same empty January reservoir pictures over and over. Updates to come.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Don’t those California farmers have a nice mud slide for Obummer?

      • Psalmon says:

        The slide in W WA occurred in a region that the US Drought monitor had classified in “Moderate Drought” in February. Oregon is in drought according to that everywhere.

        However, according to the long-term Palmer OR and WA are extremely moist.

        Evidence the US Drought Monitor map and tracking are as bogus as NOAA’s temperature departure map for this past Winter.

  9. cb says:

    You know, with the exception of the die-hard adherents of the dark religions (Islam, Catholicism, Satanism, Shiva worship, ancestor worship, etc.), the average religious person tends to care a little bit about truth. Not much, true, but a little bit.

    This is absolutely not true for atheism, humanism, socialism, etc etc etc. I’ve dealt with enough of them to learn the degree of truism of this fact. You are, oh the irony, a really perfect case in point.

    Were the political officers in Russia religious? Mmmm? According to you, you asshole, they were. So are all peeps that are ‘bad’: that they are all self-confessed die-hard, atheist Darwinists (like, oh, the nazi’s) does not phase you. Nope. You iza all too awezome.

    No-true-Scotsman indeed: but hey, that argument could not possibly have bearing on you, BECAUSE… wait for it… you are an objective atheist-darwinist. Yes sirree, and that makes you REALLY care about truth, and all such as yourself are holy and awesome and perfect and wonderful.

    Dear God, but you are an effing annoying little shit.

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