Nazi Brownshirts Were Used To Enforce Gun Control As Early As 1933

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It is much more difficult to have a holocaust, when the victims are armed.

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7 Responses to Nazi Brownshirts Were Used To Enforce Gun Control As Early As 1933

  1. Bob Knows says:

    The ongoing Obama takeover in Washington DC is so similar to the National Socialist Labor Party takeover in Berlin of the 1930s that any thinking person should be terrified. I’ve been saying that since he was first elected, and it only gets worse and worse.

  2. Cold War retiree says:

    Great post considering the reality of there being so much-much more NOT to be “said” about what it takes to retain what freedom(s) we still-have. I think it is safe to “say” that the amount of property ownership in America fosters a sufficient-level of inherent-desires (will, determination, motivation, & sacrifices) to defend what has been rightfully possessed and paid-for.

    I would like to know that we are safe but I have faith in the loose-knit-perpetual result(s) of individual liberties.

    Far too-often are hand-outs and nepotisms ( affirmative action and/or favors for good ole boys) mistaken for “helping” people when those actions do little more than validate those life-styles and feed the idolatrous peasantry’s desire(s) to have nobility. People that want to help American may consider making others WORK for what they want.

    One has to look no-farther than the Port Huron Statement (50 years old this year) to recognize the socialist/communist road-map; using the school-system(s) to emasculate society by discouraging success (everyone gets a trophy…….), restricting discourse, resisting natural-selection, and killing traditional values (1 man, 1 woman and offspring).

    Thanks for all the posts and articles; this is a great-great web-site!

  3. Andy DC says:

    Jews have always contributed to society and always carried their own weight, never asking for welfare or anything else in return. They are not prone to crime and are seldom violent. Why they are/were considered undesirables is hard to understand.

  4. GoneWithTheWind says:

    Because of the disasterous economy in this country at that time and because of the far left president and his communist connections we ignored what was going on in the rest of the world and even cut our miltary to the bone. All of this contributed to the WW II inevitabllity.

  5. catweazle666 says:

    Your picture here summed it up perfectly, Steve.

  6. methylamine says:

    In related news, I’m proud to announce that my ongoing marksmanship self-improvement regime now has me shooting 1 MOA. That’s a five inch variance at five hundred yards…come and take it, authoritarian asshats.

    I’m watching the situation in Connecticut very closely. It’s a template for what will happen in the rest of the country. Thus far, I’m extremely pleased at the result; roughly 300,000 owners of sporting rifles (AR-15, AK-47 and other effective semi-autos) have refused to register them, and are openly mocking the law and challenging the “lawmakers” to enforce them.

    Good luck to them. It’s especially pleasing it’s happening in CT. I imagine the response in TX would be even more entertaining.

    The PTB have put themselves in a totally untenable position there; they cannot enforce the law without showing the iron fist behind the “progressive” glove, they cannot repeal it without losing serious face and ground, and they’ve lost the option of “boiling the frogs” due to the open challenging from the pro-2A crowd.

    Perhaps they’ll try a few SWAT raids of unpopular candidates–someone they can pin with a “mentally unstable” label. Perhaps they’ll resort to the PTB’s favorite hat-trick, the false flag, and stage a shooting by a “disgruntled veteran. And perhaps they’ll reconsider after the first few SWAT teams bring back body bags.

    Certainly they’re losing in the court of popular opinion.

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