Progressive Acknowledges That His View Of Science Is Disconnected From Reality

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30 Responses to Progressive Acknowledges That His View Of Science Is Disconnected From Reality

  1. emsnews says:

    That dirty air you see is our capitalists in China polluting everything and then shipping it here. This is why so many jobs in manufacturing left the US. And the Chinese are not communist anymore. Only North Korea claims to be this at this point in time.

    • squid2112 says:

      Because China no longer “claims” to be Communist, means they are not?

      • jmm124567 says:

        China is “state capitalism” to be more specific. After Mao died Deng Xiaoping reformed the Chinese economy towards a market economy. The pollution is caused by the capitalist ran factories in China. Many American factories have been moving to China because they can make a higher profit due to the extremely low wages and lax environmental regulation in China.

    • Gail Combs says:

      How did our ‘Capitalists’ ( large corporations who are actually socialists ) end up in China in the first place?

      Because Clinton took their BRIBES in exchange for our technology including militart technology! link

  2. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    I love a good pwning, and Steve that was a good pwning!

  3. omanuel says:

    Consensus “scientists” are afraid of reality, as demonstrated by their continued refusal to address, in public, nine pages of precise experimental data (pp. 19-27) that FALSIFY the very foundation of their post-1945 theoretical models of ordinary

    1. Atoms, like the Uranium that destroyed Hiroshima on Aug 6, 1945, and
    2. Stars, like the Sun that birthed the Solar System five billion years (5 Ga) ago.

    “A Journey to the Core of the Sun – Chapt 2: Acceptance of Reality

  4. gator69 says:

    I guess his dad never taught him to engage his brain before operating his mouth. Child abuse.

  5. The so called “progressives” are totally committed to the fantasy that their collective wishes force reality to comply. However, they fear that if there is ANY disagreement with their wishes the wishes will be denied. Hence their worship of consensus no matter how meager or unfounded is its definition. It easily follows that we are called “deniers”. The reason being that they feel it is WE who are denying them the satisfaction of having their wishes come true. From their “progressive” perspective it is we who are the enablers of reality being what it is in spite of their wishes. As a consequence they are reduced to being totally impotent in face of our god like powers. It is even a greater fear for them that we might possibly discover that we do not need them for anything and that they need us for everything.

    One might expect such a thing from a spoiled young child. In an adult, presumably highly educated ones at that, it is closer to a self willed psychosis than an undisciplined young child’s behavioral problem. Is not this to be expected from people who call themselves “progressive” while their mental state is such that a stone age tribal member would soon find it to be fatal.

    I don’t wish them any ill that they don’t invite onto themselves. I just wish they would go away and leave the rest of us to be what we are.

    • Ernest Bush says:

      Their behavior may often look child-like and they often sound like fools, but progressives should be treated as lying, venomous, snakes.

      • Lying, venomous, snakes are vastly superior to the typical progressives. At least the snakes do what they were designed by nature to do in order to continue their specie. The progressives are doing whatever they think is necessary to deny the continued existence of the human specie and ultimately themselves. As such, they are far more dangerous to human life than are the most venomous snake.

        A snake can at most can kill one person at a time. Few snakes actually kill people largely because snakes can easily be avoided. The progressives, by promoting a ban on the use of DDT, are responsible for well over a million deaths year and caused millions more great suffering and disability. A simple spraying of the walls of the huts with DDT could have eliminated the vast majority of the deaths and disabilities. It could have been done for pinnies per hut but wasn’t.

        “By means of that ban [DDT], environmentalists effectively ensured that, over the course of the ensuing 30+ years, more than 50 million people would die needlessly of a disease that was entirely preventable.” See:

    • jmm124567 says:

      As a non-voting politically independent middle-of-the-road person I must say both conservatives and progressives are disconnected from reality. Which one is more disconnected from reality? I would probably have to say conservatives because in general they have lower educations and are anti-education and anti-intellectual. They come off as a bit ignorant.

  6. emsnews says:

    Much of US consumer goods comes from China.

    And the US had similar air pollution before free trade was started and the industries moved to cheaper labor markets. Now we have clean air, fewer jobs and a gigantic trade deficit bill of over $5 trillion owed to the world.

    Of course the CO2 business is all about deindustrializing the world and turning people back into serfs living in cold, dark huts.

    • Send Al to the Pole says:

      Our pollution was never as bad as China’s. Not even close. They’ve become a toxic waste dump.

      Our environmental laws are much of why we don’t have more pollution. They are also partly responsible for the exodus to places like China.

      I lived in LA for many years. The air has looked much cleaner in recent years than I remember it in the late 80s. Because of population density, it makes sense to have tighter controls in the cities. But for much of America, we’ve already gone too far with many environmental regs.

    • Gail Combs says:

      You do not know what you are talking about. I am a chemist and have been working in industry for decades. (I was also a member of Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy and the NSS at the time.) The USA cleaned up her act in the 1970’s when 24% of the labor forces was in manufacturing.

      Look up the US census, and the history of OSHA and EPA. Having to hunt for the information might make it stick in your head.

  7. Ernest Bush says:

    I doubt Mr. Simmons has any real knowledge of the subjects he listed. Its the same kind of stock answer you always hear from progressives when they are caught out. We are supposed to be overwhelmed by their academic knowledge. Bwahahahahahahahah.

  8. InMAGICn says:

    E B

    Good point. What does “history, development theory(!), demographics , and science in general” have to do with a factual observation?

    Nice shot S G.

  9. Gail Combs says:

    That was beautiful Steve, A truly magnificent trap.

  10. Mark McGuire says:

    Matt must be sniffing bottles of fresh air:
    China sells BOTTLED AIR to tourists as smog described as ‘environmental crisis’

    The bottles have a warning- they contain carbon(sic).

  11. James the Elder says:

    Having been there a few times, I can attest that bus drivers and cabbies are instrument rated.

  12. SDB says:

    “Communist” vs. “Capitaist” really doesn’t mean much here, imo. Fossil fuels can be relatively dirty or clean. I reckon our cleaner environment is mostly a result of progressives pushing for environmental regulations.

    Point is: SOME regulation is good, too little or too much can be bad. Which regulations are appropriate and which are not needs to be considered case by case. Such is the messy nature government.

    I really like this website for finding climate information that I don’t hear in mainstream news, but with respect Steven Goddard, the politics here often seem simple-minded and extreme. Not everything “progressive” is bad. I think you’d do your readers a good service to approach the politics with a more nuanced perspective. But it’s your website! 🙂

    • jmm124567 says:

      Most conservatives are simple-minded and extreme. American conservatives in general have lower educations and are very anti-education and anti-science.

      • Most progressives are bigoted and clueless, largely due to their lack of intelligence.

      • gator69 says:

        “Let’s look at education. The 2010 CNN election exit polls shows that 58% of college graduates voted Republican with 40% voting Democrat. This 18% point margin strongly proves that Republicans are more educated even with the recognized common knowledge of liberals being “career students” instead of entering society to be a productive member.

        Now, let’s look at professions according to the 2010 NY Times results.
        Physicians, Doctors and Dentists: 31% conservative, 17% liberal.
        Scientists: 32% conservative, 20% liberal.
        Building Managers: 32% conservative, 10% liberal.
        Officers: 29% conservative, 10% liberal.
        Graders and Sorters: 35% conservative, 10% liberal.
        Religious Workers: 46% conservative, 15% liberal.
        And to no surprise the professions that are more liberal include professors, authors, artists, journalists, social fields and of course bartending.

        What about success from intelligence? Again let’s look at the CNN results.
        People earning over $100,000: 58% Republicans, 40% Democrat..
        Wait! What about I.Q.?
        According to this study Republicans have the higher I.Q.
        IQ Men (Women)
        Republican 100.0 (99.1)
        Democrat 97.3 (98.1)
        Independent 94.4 (92.5)

        Ok. Ok. But what about conservative in the media? Well let’s look at the two most popular conservative figures in the media.
        Rush Limbaugh: 1530 out of 1600 SAT, 147 I.Q.
        Bill O’Reilly: 1585 out of 1600 SAT, 150 I.Q.
        So, what facts did we learn?
        Conservatives are more educated than liberals.
        Conservatives have more intellectual professions than liberals.
        Conservatives are more successful than liberals.
        Conservatives are more intelligent than liberals.
        Conservatives in the media are more intelligent than liberals.”

  13. jmm124567 says:

    China is no longer communist and is now “state capitalist.” That pollution is caused mainly by the capitalist ran factories. Many American factories have moved to China because they can make higher profits due to China’s extremely low wages and lax environmental regulations. This is why America’s manufacturing base is eroding.

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