Alarmists Want To Make Science Illegal

Anyone who makes an alarmist prediction may not be questioned. If the Mayan Calendar says the world is coming to an end on December 20, 2012 – and then it actually happens. Who would want to be culpable for questioning it?

Likewise, when the eminent Dr. Paul Ehrlich said that we would all be dead by 1980, what if turned out that he was correct? Same for the CIA’s dire warnings of global cooling in 1974.

If an alarmist says something bad is going to happen, you should be required by law to listen to them.


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16 Responses to Alarmists Want To Make Science Illegal

  1. Bob Knows says:

    Alarmists have already spewed so many lies claiming to be “science” that they have discredited real science. Nobody believes any of it any more. Too many lies floating around. Too much BS. To many political agendas. Its worse than the Piltdown Man fraud a century ago.

    • Sorry, but it’s worse than that–SCIENTISTS are spewing those lies, and ALL of our “authoritative” institutions have been long suborned by them. A general scientific incompetence enabled this fraud to succeed so far. All of the scientists today are incompetent, because they were miseducated with patently false theories. All one needs to know to put the lie to the consensus climate science is that it denies the older Standard Atmosphere model and my Venus/Earth temperature comparison used the Standard Atmosphere for Earth, and confirmed it precisely. The Standard Atmosphere model is, of course, utterly stable, and not subject to either runaway global warming OR cooling. Not even the “lukewarm” skeptics will admit that, so they are as incompetent as the alarmists.

  2. Sparks says:

    “If an alarmist says something bad is going to happen, you should be required by law to listen to them.”

    I disagree, we should first of all gag ’em, then nail them to a bit of wood and see what happens.

  3. HerveD says:

    There are 4 corporations guilty to have let climatism spread everywhere:
    1 -Scientists and their top level directors: Instead of verifying what was told to them, they preferred – for sake of budgets – “follow the wind” thence prostituting Science,
    2- General illiteracy of scientists: For decades, Universities develop specialists and not generalists: I am utterly shocked to discover that many high level scientists – excellent in their narrow domain – totally ignore all others. Those guys are defenseless against any provocative paper they cannot even analyse…
    3- Media: By childishly looking to “sensational”, they grab this alarming matter for the sake of their end-of-month incentive.
    4- Politicians: Instead of caring immediate, medium and long term benefits for their country, they exclusively care about re-election. Therefore they follow polls making themselves selfish parasits instead of Leaders.

    The Western civilisation is now locked into a self trapping spiral towards Nothing, both technically and in morality: We no longer have any Value.
    This is fortunate for BRICS which find there a unique opportunity to overtake west. Our economy is no more than a bubble of foam, with only 20% GOP being manufacturing, rest is “sevices” ie BS.

  4. Andy Oz says:

    I’m an Alarmist. We are certainly heading into the next ice age in the southern hemisphere!! The Antarctic has just gone 2 standard deviations above the average sea ice extent!! That is so far out on the edge of the probability curve (< 2.5%), that it would be better odds playing roulette!

    It is illegal not to listen to me. You must send me lots of money to study how CO2 creates so much sea ice. I believe it has everything to do with football, beer, spare ribs and nachos, but not necessarily in that order.

  5. Andy Oz says:

    Terry McRann pops the Alarmist bubble!! Majority of Australians will now be sent to climate concentration camps for re-education!

  6. The North Pole has been ice-free since 2008. I can’t deny that. & because of those processes which quickly cause it to be ice-free year-round, it’s already ice-free year-round.

    (I apologize for the hypens, it’s hard being good)

  7. Brian H says:

    If the world had come to an end in December 2012, I would currently not give a flying flatus about whether anyone (what anyones?) wanted to hold me culpable for having doubted it would happen. Both they and I would be safely “ended”, you see.

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