Climate Attribution

It is well known by 97% of climate experts that droughts are caused by Republicans, but in 1936 they were caused by Democrats.

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1 Response to Climate Attribution

  1. Cold War retiree says:

    FDR presidency was a disaster that I didn’t learn-about until my 30’s; as I see it now, the drastic beginning and end to farm subsidies, the “suitcase-farmers”, and their unpaid debts caused more of the dust-bowl than the weather could-have.

    The public school system was OK with letting me draw in class while they pushed their Port Huron Statement Agenda(s).

    Then we got FDR’s replacement; a man the country never got a chance to vote for; Harry S Truman.

    Joseph Schumpeter’s work has influenced me to take-into account (and be ready-for) that the liberals are going to tinker with and try to circumvent everything they do not agree-with; the economy is only one aspect of what Thomas Sowell refers-to as their “unconstrained visions”.

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