Welcome To The Gulag

All of the warning signs are here.

  • Scientists being funded to create a big lie
  • Brown shirts being whipped up into hysteria over the big lie
  • Kook and Nutter funded by government to create a fraudulent 97% consensus for climate disaster
  • Concept of jailing dissidents being floated
  • Rule of law being constantly subverted by the White House
  • Framing it as a national security issue, in order to further subvert the law
  • No effort to stop any of this by the loyal opposition

The warning signs are written all over the wall. Don’t make any mistake about where they are attempting to take this thing. Climate change has nothing to do with science.

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19 Responses to Welcome To The Gulag

  1. jay352 says:

    The time for resistance is coming. This will only be stopped by the people.

  2. omanuel says:

    The drowning man struggles mightily before sinking.

  3. Okie says:

    We are still using the term brown shirts metaphorically, but it won’t be long before we aren’t.

  4. Mietopol says:

    Of course global warming is a hoax. No scientific proof exists. Only pseudo-scientists pushing this agenda for profit. Is all about money and total control over the population.

  5. Andy Oz says:

    The majority in Australia has woken up to the scam.
    The Greens have gone fully rabid to keep the scam alive!
    The US and Europe better do the same soon or else.

    • Ivan says:

      “The majority” is probably a bit of wishful thinking at this stage.
      If Abbott thought he had a sizeable majority behind him, he’d go for the double dissolution tomorrow. One in three votes for ALP, one in 10 for the Clueless Greens. That’s less than a 6% margin for error.

      • Andy Oz says:

        I reckon you’re right Ivan. This WA election is what has muddied the water. If the Greens retain a senate seat, then he needs a double dissolution. If Palmer or the shooter/fisher guy gets in, then no need for the DD. He waits till July. We’ll know late next week.

  6. Gunny G says:

    Reblogged this on CLINGERS… BLOGGING BAD ~ DICK.G: AMERICAN ! and commented:

  7. Ragtag Media says:

    Just finished a book on Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the German Church’s complacency looks similar to a lot of mainstream churches today.

  8. Gaia cults are the historical norms and they have always been used to support various forms of Fascism. Never forget that the Nazis were the first modern climate / green / Gaia fascists.

  9. Chip Bennett says:

    Where do I go for my gold start and tattoo?

  10. theyouk says:

    …and Mouthpieces of the regime (MSNBC, CNN, etc.) parroting the big lie and shouting down dissenting voices. This is where scientific, cultural, historical and economic illiteracy in the public and the media leads. Welcome to the feedlot.

  11. Robertv says:

    10 : 10

    We know what is coming. And Greenshit knows where we live . Being nice is not the solution unless you like ‘living’ in a FEMA camp. Arbeit macht frei.

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