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We Are All Ehrlich Now

The IPCC  is recycling Ehrlich’s BS from the 1970’s Food supplies have been steadily increasing. These people are being paid to spread bullshit, and it stinks.

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Noah Thwarts The WWF

In the blockbuster movie Noah, god is a similar character to Prince Philip. He wants the animals to survive, and the humans to go extinct. Russell Crowe genuinely wants to kill his family in order to keep the WWF happy, but … Continue reading

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Alarmists Want To Make Science Illegal

Anyone who makes an alarmist prediction may not be questioned. If the Mayan Calendar says the world is coming to an end on December 20, 2012 – and then it actually happens. Who would want to be culpable for questioning … Continue reading

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Top Home Building Locations

Cities on major fault lines Coastal regions where major hurricanes strike River floodplains Tornado Alley Forests that burn Hillsides that slide Cities in places where water is nil Cities built below sea level Cities built near volcanos Then they blame climate … Continue reading

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They Want To Prosecute People Who Lie About The Climate?

I have spent years gathering massive amounts of documentation showing how climate alarmists have lied, cheated, tampered with data, and defrauded the government and public. Alarmists say they want it. Let’s do it.

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Alarmists Establish The Legal Case For Their Prosecution

Arrest Climate-Change Deniers Freedom of Speech does not protect speech that directly leads to injury or death Tens of thousands of people die every year as a direct consequence of fuel poverty, and many more die of starvation. Those progressives … Continue reading

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Afternoon Temperatures Plummeting In The US For Over 80 Years

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Busted Again : They Caught Me Cherry-Picking The Entire US Temperature Record

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Climate Attribution

It is well known by 97% of climate experts that droughts are caused by Republicans, but in 1936 they were caused by Democrats.

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Some Very Bad News

Noel Sheppard of Newsbusters passed away last night. He was one of the best of the best.

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