Crime Alert : Someone Stole The Hockey Stick From The 1990 IPCC Report

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14 Responses to Crime Alert : Someone Stole The Hockey Stick From The 1990 IPCC Report

  1. What could possibly go wrong? says:

    OT: Here you have a new dream couple.
    The false grinning and defensive poses inadvertently look quite funny though.

  2. Gail Combs says:

    Interesting that Dr. Lamb showed the 20th century temperature as FLAT with maybe a slight downward trend at the end.

  3. Adam Gallon says:

    Hence the need to “get rid of the MWP!”

    • Gail Combs says:

      Yes they are starting in on the MWP again despite the fact it has been proven to exist in more than Europe.

      • Jimbo says:

        Some argue that we are at about the same temperature as the MWP. Some say it was just a NH affair. But are we really as warm in the NH as the MWP?

        Medieval Climatic Optimum
        Michael E Mann – University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, USA

        It is evident that Europe experienced, on the whole, relatively mild climate conditions during the earliest centuries of the second millennium (i.e., the early Medieval period). Agriculture was possible at higher latitudes (and higher elevations in the mountains) than is currently possible in many regions, and there are numerous anecdotal reports of especially bountiful harvests (e.g., documented yields of grain) throughout Europe during this interval of time. Grapes were grown in England several hundred kilometers north of their current limits of growth, and subtropical flora such as fig trees and olive trees grew in regions of Europe (northern Italy and parts of Germany) well north of their current range. Geological evidence indicates that mountain glaciers throughout Europe retreated substantially at this time, relative to the glacial advances of later centuries (Grove and Switsur, 1994). A host of historical documentary proxy information such as records of frost dates, freezing of water bodies, duration of snowcover, and phenological evidence (e.g., the dates of flowering of plants) indicates that severe winters were less frequent and less extreme at times during the period from about 900 – 1300 AD in central Europe……………………

        Some of the most dramatic evidence for Medieval warmth has been argued to come from Iceland and Greenland (see Ogilvie, 1991). In Greenland, the Norse settlers, arriving around AD 1000, maintained a settlement, raising dairy cattle and sheep. Greenland existed, in effect, as a thriving European colony for several centuries. While a deteriorating climate and the onset of the Little Ice Age are broadly blamed for the demise of these settlements around AD 1400,

        Click to access medclimopt.pdf

    • Gail Combs says:

      The take home is:

      ….The statement from Frontiers is noteworthy in that it seems to be saying that researchers need consent, presumably based on a protocol approved by an institutional review board or its equivalent, to draw conclusions based on material posted to Twitter or other publicly available social media….

      In other words I can not just go onto the internet and take pictures or quotes from Facebook or Twitter and use them in my advertising literature WITHOUT permission of those in the photographs or the photographer or the writer. If nothing else it is common courtesy.

      It certainly was bad form to not only take information from the internet without the permission of the authors but to then publish it in a peer-reviewed paper and name Names and call the people Nuts ESPECIALLY when you quote out of context or even make things up!

      Can you say LAWSUIT?
      The Journal was not threatened by lawsuits but I am sure that was in the back of their minds. It certainly would be in my mind once my attention was called to exactly what was happening. I am surprised the Journal didn’t yank the paper and tell Stephan Lewandowsky and John Cook never to submit another paper. I certainly would be tempted to do so.

      Here is some of the evidence of how Stephan Lewandowsky and John Cook – making things up

      Fabricated quotes and gross distortions are used to paint skeptics as conspiracy nuts. The question is, is it a conspiracy, or is it just incompetence?

      … People have taken issue with a number of aspects of the paper, but to my knowledge, nobody has noticed Lewandowsky and Cook fabricate things in their paper. That’s right. They make things up.

      While there are many examples, I’d like to focus on some obvious distortions of quotes. A number of quotes are distorted to make skeptics look bad. This is seen as early as the second quote taken from a skeptic….

      WUWT has several posts on the subject of loony lew and his papers:

      The underhandedness of the original paper:

      This is science? PEER_REVIEWED science??? GAG barf….

  4. Jason Calley says:

    Of course there is a very simple explanation. The temperature scale on the left hand side is defined such that one mark either up or down signifies a change of .0000001 degrees. Sure, it may look like a wiggly curve to the untrained eye, but Real Climate Scientists recognize it as the unswerving shaft of Mann’s hockey stick.

  5. Gail Combs says:

    Crime Alert III Holder and Mueller Spent $7.8 Million on Personal Travel

    … a report from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) showed that many of these top executives who travel extensively for work are skirting the law and not paying income tax on their hefty travel reimbursements, as ordinary Americans are required to do….

    Senior Justice Department officials including Attorney General Eric Holder and former FBI Director Robert Mueller used federal aircraft for hundreds of personal trips that were not properly reported… he and other DOJ officials must reimburse the government for personal trips – which they did not in the trips cited in the GAO report….

    Steve I have another comment stuck in jail. (I will reframe from putting down the rest of my thoughts….)

    • Jason Calley says:

      ” as ordinary Americans are required to do….”

      And that is why they do not pay. Laws are for little people, not them.

      I really do wish I were joking. The old Republic is dead. I am a serf. You are a serf. They are Royals. These are the facts on the ground. Our options to cure this are becoming more and more constrained.

      • Gail Combs says:

        After my tangles with the ‘IN’Justice system in my town I believe you. When the cop who is my neighbor refuses to work in this county because it is so crooked you know it is really bad!

  6. Kevin O'Neill says:

    Note that this hand drawn schematic is from the early 60’s, is based only on the temperatures from central England, ends in 1950 so it doesn’t include the last 65 years of temperature data, doesn’t have any uncertainties associated with it, and was never considered representative of northern hemisphere, much less global, temperatures.

    So what was your point again?

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