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Improving Technology Generates Worse Data

Due to improvements in temperature recording technology. USHCN has to exponentially increase recent temperature adjustments.

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Putting Two And Two Together

The Arctic has seen a huge increase in multi-year sea ice. The Great Lakes have record ice. Antarctica has record sea ice. Global sea ice area is above normal. Last year was the quietest year for hurricanes and tornadoes on … Continue reading

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Surfs Up In Michigan


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The Bad News For Alarmists Just Won’t Stop

NSIDC reports a large increase in multi-year Arctic sea ice over last year – about the size of Alaska. http://nsidc.org/arcticseaicenews/2014/04/

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Reader Quiz

What percentage of US warming is due to CO2, and what percentage is due to data tampering?  

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At NCDC, If The Present Refuses To Get Warmer – Then The Past Must Become Colder

Current NCDC in red. 1991 NCDC in black.

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2014 Blowing Away All Cold Records In The Midwest

More than 30% of the HCN low temperature readings in the midwest have been below 0F (-18C) so far this year. The 2014 percentage will of course go down, but even if there weren’t another 0F reading the rest of … Continue reading

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