2014 Blowing Away All Cold Records In The Midwest

More than 30% of the HCN low temperature readings in the midwest have been below 0F (-18C) so far this year. The 2014 percentage will of course go down, but even if there weren’t another 0F reading the rest of the year – 2014 would still rank in the top two coldest after 1963.

ScreenHunter_150 Apr. 06 11.25

The ratio of daily record lows to record highs so far this year is 35:1

ScreenHunter_151 Apr. 06 11.48

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5 Responses to 2014 Blowing Away All Cold Records In The Midwest

  1. ccglea says:

    just got back from a week in Chicago. They are reporting that the Dec-March period was the coldest there on record. Is this warm cold, cold cold, or real cold? I am still getting that mixed up!

  2. Len Holliday says:

    Norway is a smart-ass! Every time I see someone that is doing their best to make some sense out of the cold weather and what it means with regard to the Global Warming Hoax someone will make a stupid remark like move along now! Do you think you are talking to kids or what! Someone needs to take you out behind the barn boy!

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