Improving Technology Generates Worse Data

Due to improvements in temperature recording technology. USHCN has to exponentially increase recent temperature adjustments.

ScreenHunter_160 Apr. 06 15.41

ScreenHunter_157 Apr. 06 13.59

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22 Responses to Improving Technology Generates Worse Data

  1. omanuel says:

    Thanks for the graph showing how hard government “scientists” have worked to document global warming.

    • omanuel says:


      We’ve had sixty-eight years (2014 – 1946 = 68 yrs) of deceitful science.

      1. The Problem: You have documented continuing adjustments to data.

      2. Why? FEAR convinced world leaders to take totalitarian control of society, to rule the world by deceit, and to save the world from nuclear annihilation, after NEUTRON REPULSION:

      _ a.) Vaporized Hiroshima on 6 Aug 1945
      _ b.) Destroyed Nagasaki on 9 Aug 1945
      _ c.) Powered another bomb at Konan, Korea on 12 Aug 1945
      _ d.) At the facility Stalin’s USSR troops captured 24 Aug 1945
      _ e.) Convinced world leader to Unite Nations on 24 Oct 1945
      _ f .) Became the Forbidden Force of Fragmentation in 1946

      3. The Solution:

      _ g.) Skeptics acknowledge benefits of forming the UN on 24 Oct 1945
      _ h.) AGW believers will openly discuss opposing experimental data [1]
      _ g.) Skeptics and believers work together to return pre-WWII status of
      _ d.) Constitutional governments and government-sponsored science

      [1] “A Journey to the Core of the Sun” (Link will be added)

  2. darrylb says:

    For anyone interested in phenology. The average ‘Ice Out’ here on south central Minnesota lakes is between March 27th and April 4th. Ice out is defined as between mostly navigable and ice completely gone. Right now I am watching as people have driven their 4 wheelers on to the lake and are fishing.
    Could be a record year.

  3. -=NikFromNYC=- says:

    Now since these adjustments are actually in the wrong direction, the real trend is even more negative than the raw data, after truthfully adjusting for urban heat effects that conceal natural variation. That is, assuming truly rural sites confirm this.

  4. MrX says:

    The really impressive thing about this is that almost no one knows about it. Congress doesn’t know about it. When it was mentioned in a panel before Congress (where there were only a handful of people), a liberal was incredulous. Dismissed it as a tinfoilery conspiracy theory. Didn’t believe these adjustments were being made at all.

    • -=NikFromNYC=- says:

      Not even most skeptics seem aware of it as they avoid all such simple facts of the case in favor of statistics and mountains of words. Will their latest book state basic facts? Not enough so, no.

      Without Climategate and a temperature lull instead of a boring trend continuation of no cause for alarm, skeptics would still be wallowing in obscurity despite clear evidence of fraud. Also, without my own early outreach to conservative bloggers with infographics, I submit. Skeptics are often older and thus more timid independent types who cannot even comprehend the idea of pushing a simple consistent message, hard, forcefully, and very loudly. I don’t care any more, since the temperature is enough to now topple the fully invested and doubly committed entire progressive wing of politics and academia, with some further inertia expected now that unfairly despised conservatives are on board. I imagine that quite simply the Obamacare fiasco will afford the usual swing back to conservatism and then payback and backlash will kick in very big time. I’m still amazed though at the Petri dish of online debate where a whole younger generation or two still can’t seem to comprehend the implication of simple charts and graphs that debunk their alarmist indoctrination. It’s funny to take them to task for this and watch them squirm now that the big armies of kids have mostly scattered, leaving behind only Astroturf Gorebot amateurs.

      • Gail Combs says:

        Al Gore has already deserted the field. Soon “Global Warming” will no longer be ‘Fashionable’ and the easily distracted spoiled brats will be looking for the newest flavor of the day to protest.

        “GoreBull Warming activists will soon go the way of the 1960s flower children.

        Yesterday isn’t soon enough.

      • Eric Simpson says:

        Skeptics are often older and thus more timid independent types who cannot even comprehend the idea of pushing a simple consistent message, hard, forcefully, and very loudly.

        Hugely well put! Contrast the reticent reserved retiring skeptics with the bellicose mission-obsessed zealots that this week brought down the Mozilla CEO. But what happened to your eye icon, Nik? And I didn’t know that you were so fond of conservatives. I know, there are gradations of fondness, and stuff.

    • omanuel says:

      “The really impressive thing about this is that almost no one knows about it. . . . Didn’t believe these adjustments were being made at all.”

      You are right. Steven’s blog is great at confronting widespread beliefs with facts. But most folks cannot believe that arbitrary adjustments are made in science.

      Even today, ordinary folks do not accept that mainstream astronomers believed the interior of the Sun was mostly iron “for more than fifty years, . . . until after the Second World War,” although Sir Fred Hoyle himself reported that fact on page 153 of his autobiography:

      Fred Hoyle “Home Is Where the Wind Blows: Chapters from a Cosmologist’s Life” (University Science Books, 441 pages, published on April 1, 1994):

      • omanuel says:

        Fred Hoyle describes one of the biggest arbitrarily adjustments to science:

        In 1945 the Sun was Iron
        In 1946 the Sun was Hydrogen

        This adjustment was made without discussion or debate, according to page 154 of Fred Hoyle’s autobiography.

  5. If that trend continues, we’ll be freezing our a**es off and the “experts” will tell us we are overheating.

  6. Chewer says:

    NBC had a real tear jerker today on AGW and of course explained how a warming world creates extreme cold, as in the past three months.
    It’s a combination of the neurotic not taking their medications and a wide segment of society over medicating themselves, all with the MSM providing cover for them!

  7. I think we are slowly winning the war on the skeptic side and some day it will be Tsunami thanks to blogs like this. Articles like this one in The London Telegraph help too.

  8. kuhnkat says:

    Yuh gotta love it when Moshpup comes along and tries to tell us that these adjustments are explained in peer reviewed papers.


    • Phil Jones says:

      Yep… The adjustments are always UP and each year despite technology we get worse at temp measurement…

  9. Cheshirered says:

    A terrific piece by a heavyweight of Fleet Street, the former editor of the UK Telegraph Charles Moore. The message is getting through simply because of the weight of evidence against repeated failed projections of climate doom.

    The Telegraph also allows a reply piece from Tom Chivers. He takes an absolute pasting btl.

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