Ban Assault Hammers

LONDON (AP) — British police are hunting a man who entered an upscale London hotel room and battered three sisters from the United Arab Emirates with a hammer.  The Metropolitan Police force said Monday that all three women suffered head and facial injuries. One is in critical condition in a hospital, while the others are in serious but not life-threatening condition.


Progressives are extremely grateful that the women didn’t have guns to protect themselves.

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7 Responses to Ban Assault Hammers

  1. Was it a high-capacity assault hammer? What kind of grip did it have?

  2. Adam Gallon says:

    Even more grateful he didn’t have a gun.

  3. Pathway says:

    If they bring a hammer to the fight, you bring a gun. To quote the Little Dic.

  4. Fat Tony says:

    The old saying:
    “God created Man(kind) – Samuel Colt made them equal”

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