The Climate Moves To Siberia

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18 Responses to The Climate Moves To Siberia

  1. Keitho says:

    Ah, warmer. Must be climate. North America colder, must be weather.

    All is clear now.

  2. Gail Combs says:

    We are a balmy 45 °F @ noon in Mid NC the normal high is 70 °F (yesterday was 60 °F)


    • Mom2Girls says:

      I’ve been watching my local ‘official’ weather stats as per your suggestion.

      You’re RIGHT, they ARE adding to the raw data. Several degrees on the low each day and a degree or two to the high. And this is a very rural station. We had a low several months ago of 16. The local weatherguys had predicted a low in the mid 20’s. They busted low by over 8 degrees. I checked the low temp when I first woke up that morning and it was ’16’. I just looked back and that day’s low is listed as 19.


      • Donna K. Becker says:

        I’ve been logging the daily predictions of four weather websites, along with the “actual” highs and lows, since last summer. However, I have not yet begun to analyze for any trends.

        There is a Wunderground station perhaps a mile away from my house. I’m just starting to compare its early a.m. temperatures with those measured by my own thermometer. I’ll probably be doing the same late each afternoon with high temps.

        • Mom2Girls says:

          There’s probably a degree or two difference between this particular thermometer and my own in my own backyard. The difference I’m concerned with is the one on THEIR thermometer. THEY changed the numbers in THEIR database from then until now. By THREE DEGREES for the minimum temp that morning. I guess this is how they ‘adjust’ data points. Interesing how, in my perusal of individual temps/dates it never seems to get adjusted downward.

      • Andy DC says:

        You should be here in the Washington, DC area, where my car thermometer during daytime reads consistently 5 degrees below what the “official” reading is at National Airport. I have had same car for 8 years and never noticed those kinds of differences until the last couple of years.

        • Gail Combs says:

          A bunch of us need to start logging these changes (Screen shot printed out if possible.)
          Then we need to confront a Congressman/Senator about the issue.

          Remember these are SUPPOSED to be calibrated official weather stations so there is ZERO reason for the data fudging. One or two they can wave away but several from all over the country? I happen to be near a weather station and have a Six min max thermometer sitting in my desk. Now I just need to get a Stevenson screen so I can do a comparison as well.

      • David A says:

        I know they are doing a full court press, and they think they can get away with anything.

  3. Send Al to the Pole says:

    This is Bill’s chance to move to Siberia then.

  4. Morgan says:

    How’s the maple sap in Vermont Bill? Usually starts running in early March, this year we didn’t get a drop until April 3 in the Adirondacks.

  5. Chip Bennett says:

    Let me guess: they’re still hyperventilating over palm-tree supporting Sochi not having snow during the Olympics?

  6. Don says:

    Siberia is quite large, is this all of Siberia, or selected portions to make their point? Whatever that point might be. Look! A squirrel.

  7. Ernest Bush says:

    Siberian stations have been dropping off line since the Soviet Union collapsed. There are only a hand full still reporting.

  8. darwin says:

    Maybe Bill McKrackpot should move to Siberia.

  9. Charles Nelson says:

    Bill is a wanker…we should deprive him of the ‘oxygen of publicity’…or maybe just oxygen.

  10. Andy DC says:

    Alarmists go all around the world with their microscope to find some obscure place that is (allegedly) warm.

  11. edk says:

    English majors love to write stories that make themselves feel important. Numbers and stats are tough, they sometimes don’t follow story line

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