Common Core Introduces A New Learning Game


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12 Responses to Common Core Introduces A New Learning Game

  1. Sparks says:

    Multi dimensional bullshit.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Alternate story:

      Cliven Bundy does not own the land. The fight is over whether or not the Feds can kick a rancher off BLM land that has been used by the family for generations just because the Greenies want him off the land. (He also quit paying the fees to the Feds. – a really bad move on his part.)

      The bigger issues are the use of excessive force, the “First Amendment Zones” and arresting his son while on a public highway for using a camera.

      The explanation of our loss of our First Amendment Rights is here. Note all but three of the criminals in DC voted for this UNCONSTITUTIONAL bill. “Anti-Occupy” law ends American’s right to protest

      In some ways this is a trial for the Consttutionality of that law. Can US federal agents just up and declare you have no right of protest except in a small fenced off area miles away from where the action is?

      This should work its way up to the Supreme Court. I certainly hope it does with LOTS OF COVERAGE!

  2. tom0mason says:

    Have they announced the anniversary version of the People’s Cube for the success of the 2nd 5 year plan? Apparently it will be a woolen cube hand knitted by the sheeple.

    • Gail Combs says:

      It can not be wood because it will be illegal to cut trees down IF any are left.

      • tom0mason says:

        OK, make it a synthetic material made from an extract from the effluvia of factory-reared swine drowned in their own misery, and tar-sand. This is carefully hand bleached by handsome artisans to lighten the darker hue to a crimson red, then sun-dried in the hemp fields for a month of Sundays.
        Next the stiffly malleable shitite is beautifully crafted by the artist, who was voted by a popular TV show to be this year’s Wickerman, or Wickerwoman, no,…er Wickerperson, into the presentation quality Sheeple’s Cubes.

        • Gail Combs says:

          NO! NO! NO!

          You can not have factory raised swine it has to be Monsanto cloned vat raised porktofu.

          The cube has to be made out of hemp dyed with the bugs we smoosh to make natural red dye

          The bugs are used to dye foods, no lie. I don’t think I will ever eat anything colored red again…

        • tom0mason says:

          I stand corrected – power powder to the sheeple!

        • tom0mason says:

          Do you mean this sot of thing?

          Cochineal (/KOCH-i-neel; Dactylopius coccus) is a scale insect in the suborder Sternorrhyncha, from which the crimson-coloured dye carmine is derived.
          Pharmaceutical or Confectioners glaze is an alcohol-based solution of various types of food-grade shellac.[1] The shellac is derived from the raw material sticklac, which is a resin scraped from the branches of trees left from when the small insect, laccifer lacca, creates a hard, waterproof cocoon

          Hard glazed and red – yuckkkkk!

        • Gail Combs says:

          Yes it is cochineal YUCKKKKkkkkk!

  3. Gail Combs says:

    If any of you are unaware of this website: Invisible Serf’s Collar Robin, is a lawyer who has done extensive research on Common Core and what is happening to the US education system.

    There is an incredible amount of material there. I just wish it was better indexed so it was more accessible.

  4. Lou says:

    DENVER – Denver Public Schools administrators believe they are the first school district in the nation to actively seek out people who were initially brought to the United States illegally to now teach in the classroom.

    “We look forward to increasing the number of great teachers who are in our classrooms and who are also role models for children who have similar cultural backgrounds and life experiences,” Tom Boasberg, superintendent of Denver Public Schools, said.

    DPS is working with Teach for America to bring people with an official status of “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” as determined by the federal government. Part of the requirements for DACA status is that a person must have been brought to the United States under the age of 16 and have a clean criminal record. Even with DACA status, they are still not recognized as legal citizens.

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