Before CO2 Ruined Australia’s Climate

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11 Responses to Before CO2 Ruined Australia’s Climate

  1. Olaf Koenders says:

    Expect Flim-Flam Flannery to jump the shark if cyclone Ita even makes landfall.

  2. Don B says:

    Tropical cyclones have been declining around Australia.

    A new paper by Andrew Dowdy tells us that from 1980 to 2013 the incidence of tropical cyclones around Australia has been falling. If CO2 is influencing cyclones around Australia, presumably this implies we should burn more coal.

    • Brian H says:

      Actually, yes, and wuncha know it, reality is conspiring, from China to Germany, to ensure exactly that happens.

  3. John says:

    I copied Tim Flannery. I bought a waterfront sea level house in Australia a number of years ago. . By there actions, Climate Alarmists do not believe in climate change, they do not believe there own religion. An incredible number of Alarmists live in warm climates in waterfront houses.

  4. Andy Oz says:

    Cyclone Ita heading towards Queensland and will give it a walloping. Good luck to those who have stayed to see it through. Braver than me.

    Cue the alarmists propaganda- globull worming induces severe cyclones.
    Australia has had one of the quieter seasons on record. And as Steven pointed out above, 1974 was a time of great destruction in Oz.

    • Andy Oz says:

      I love how the BOM admit to uncertainty about cyclone tracks, windspeeds, storm surge, and that’s probably the most studied weather phenomenon. Tomorrows weather is even more uncertain.
      At the same time, the dills in the BOM are absolutely certain about metres of sea level rise by 2050, 4 deg C global temperature rise, zero polar ice, never ending drought in the south and never ending rain in the north and complete destruction of the Great Barrier Reef due to CAGW.
      They should be stand up comedians.

    • Olaf Koenders says:

      Exactly Andy. I expect the ABC and fellow CAGWists to be spouting that (naturally) these events are rare in Oz, but due to “cloimat choinge” we’re having another after a whole 40 years, which is somehow “unnatural”.

    • Andy Oz says:

      Ita looks to be fast moving, small and narrow destruction track. Tracy hung round for over 6 hours to wipe out Darwin.

  5. David, UK says:

    Ah, yes. Pubes were all the rage in those days.

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