Could A Miracle Occur In Europe Today?

If Man U can pull off a miracle today, the Champions League semifinals will be all English and Spanish teams. Moyes might even be able to keep his job.

Then again, they have to face these guys

ScreenHunter_70 Apr. 09 08.28

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14 Responses to Could A Miracle Occur In Europe Today?

  1. Richard Mallett says:

    Remember in the 1999 final, when Boris Becker left his seat in the directors box to go down to present the trophy to Bayern ? By the time that he got down there, Man. United had scored twice to win it !

  2. Cheshirered says:

    Diabolical Premier League season: check.
    Moyes and United a laughing stock: check.
    United being written off or grievously under-rated by just about everyone: check.
    Best away record in the Premier League: check.
    Barcelona 99: check! (I was there, it still hurts them, you know.)
    United to go through tonight……..? We have a chance.

  3. Richard Mallett says:

    I was at Wembley in 1968 when United beat Benfica in extra time. Brian Kidd scored the winner on his birthday.

  4. Richard Mallett says:

    After the Red Sox winning the World Series on home soil last year, United winning the Champions League would be just too much 🙂

  5. Anything is possible says:

    And Evra gives United the lead…………

    ….which they hold for all of 20 seconds.

    Game on!

  6. Cheshirered says:

    Oh darn.
    Our pub was still going quite batshit-mental – then they equalised.
    The better team won though. Obviously.

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