Global Sea Ice Area Averaging Above Normal For More Than A Year

Since the start of 2013, global sea ice area has averaged above normal – by more than the area of Texas. This is the exact opposite of what every single global warming forecast predicted.

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4 Responses to Global Sea Ice Area Averaging Above Normal For More Than A Year

  1. norilsk says:

    In Winnipeg this year they joked about it being colder than Mars. In Cayuga, Ontario we had at least 10 days this winter when it got into the minus 20s (that’s Celcius). Old timers say it hasn’t been that cold since they were kids. The Danish Meteorological Institute data for the arctic above 80 deg N showed the temperature was above average through the winter, although it was still more than cold enough to freeze the Arctic. Redistribution? So what is going on in Antarctica?

  2. aeroguy48 says:

    Living here I can vouch Texas is big. This been a cold/cool winter spring here in Dallas Ft. Worth, 40 degrees this morning normal low 53

  3. Eliza says:

    Actually.. if Antarctic continues to rise as it has already for the past 2 years we may in fact be witnessing the beginnings of some sort of solar induced ice age. The trend appears to be highly significant. You could literally put a straight line through the data

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