Jo Nova Explains The 14 Steps to Converting A Skeptic To The Global Warming Religion

  • Step 1 – Stop making predictions that don’t come true.
  • Step 2 – When you make a prediction, don’t just say something “might” happen.
  • Step 3 – Don’t live your life like you don’t believe a word you’re saying.
  • Step 4 – Stop the hate.
  • Step 5 – Stop avoiding debate.
  • Step 6 – Answer questions.
  • Step 7 – Stop enjoying catastrophes.
  • Step 8 – Don’t use invalid arguments.
  • Step 9 – When you are wrong, admit it and apologise.
  • Step 10 – Stop claiming that 97% of scientists agree that humans are warming the globe significantly.
  • Step 11 – Stop lying.  If you think it is okay to lie if it’s for a good cause, you are wrong.
  • Step 12 – Rebuke your fellow Warmists if they act in an unscientific way.
  • Step 13 – Stop blaming everything on Global Warming.
  • Step 14 – Why are the only solutions always big-government “progressive” policies?

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18 Responses to Jo Nova Explains The 14 Steps to Converting A Skeptic To The Global Warming Religion

  1. omanuel says:

    JoNova is another one of the great communicators in the AGW debate.

    • omanuel says:

      Perhaps because of his experience under USSR domination, the Czech President recognized the seriousness of this government deceit in 2007:

      Vaclav Klaus, Blue Planet in Green Shackles (Competitive Enterprise Institute, first edition, 2007) 100 pages,

  2. Brian G Valentine says:

    15. Ditch the tobacco argument.

    But if they ditch the tobacco argument they have no arguments left. There is nothing on Earth that will bring these people within solar-system diameter range of reality.

  3. Chewer says:

    Send your kids to schools that shun the progressive indoctrination process:
    Check your State!

    • daveburton says:

      Thank you for this interesting link, Chewer!

      The NC version is:

      It was depressing, however, because I know for a fact that most of those schools are way left of center. I guess that a “conservative college” these days is one in which conservatives are grudgingly tolerated in some departments.

      • Gail Combs says:

        Yes, My husband went to a PRIVATE religious college in Ohio. The stuff we get in the mail is all Sustainability this and Sustainability that… YUCK!

        Environmental Sustainability

        The College of Wooster is making significant progress in becoming a sustainable campus. The Scot Center, opened in January 2012, sports the largest solar roof on any college facility in the country. Upgrades to 34 campus buildings are reducing the college’s carbon footprint by 36 percent….

        If you are picking a college for your kids ask about “sustainability” this is the code word for UN Agenda 21. The answer will weed out the undesirable colleges FAST.

        When you plug “sustainability” into another private college (Hillsdale) search engine you get this:

        The Problem with Environmental Education Today: Is the Tail Wagging the Dog?
        It is widely accepted that when K-12 students learn about the environment, the information they receive is biased and misleading. Lessons are heavily weighted toward views espoused by the environmental community. As numerous critiques and studies, some of which have come from inside the environmental movement, have demonstrated this bias, that point will not be belabored here. This paper explores why environmental education (EE) is so biased and one-sided….

        In addition to those changes, financial support for EE would be increased tenfold under a bill introduced by Sen. John Sarbanes, D-MD. This bill would increase funding to $100 million for grants and aid.
        Congressional Lobbying Effort

        In order to lobby Congress for this change along with three other high-priority environmental items, several environmentalist foundations have formed the Campaign for Environmental Literacy (CEL). The CEL was created in the fall of 2004, with funding provided by the Marisla Foundation, the Turner Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Munson Foundation provided the money for the first three years of the campaign. The program continues with funding from the Tortuga Foundation, the Marisla Foundation, the Wendling Foundation, the Ocean Foundation, Mary Kay Inc. and the Alaska Conservation Foundation.

        In addition to lobbying for the passage of the NCLI as part of the reauthorization of NCLB Act, the CEL is lobbying for a restoration of funding for EPA’s Office of Environmental Education, an increase in funding for NOAA’s Office of Education and Sustainable Development and the passage of the Higher Education Sustainability Act. All of these are important priorities for the EE movement.….

        So in addition to making UN Agenda 21 crud mandatory in K-12 they also want to make it mandatory at the University level.

        Unfortunately they got it passed:

        For those who have been following the Higher Education Sustainability Act (HESA), I’m thrilled to report that today Congress overwhelmingly passed all HESA provisions as part of the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HR 4137). The Act should be signed into law very soon by the President. The terrific support for HESA by the campus sustainability community made a difference! HR 4137 contains two key campus sustainability provisions:
        *Summit on Sustainability. Convenes a national summit of higher education sustainability experts, federal agency staff, and business leaders to identify best practices in sustainability and opportunities for collaboration to expand sustainable operations and academic programs….

        FIND OUT HOW YOUR CONGRSS CRITTER VOTED! That will let you know if he is a US patriot or not.

    • Chip Bennett says:

      I’m not sure I trust the data.

      Here’s Indiana:

      My alma mater, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (#20 on the list) is far more conservative than Notre Dame (#1 on the list). And for Notre Dame to rank #1 as a conservative school in any list is laughable.

  4. Billy N.Z. says:

    I listen to 1FM from the U.S. most days. Just heard a song by Gene Watson. I thought of MM straight away. Called “Little By Little”. (If you don’t know the next line,it’s “we’re losing it all”).

  5. Another Ian says:


    O/T but check

    Look at the second graph and note the comment that

    “I would not call this study “long term”, though it’s fair enough that Dowdy uses the longest satellite data he could.”

    I haven’t read the paper but this seems to go further back (1969) than your usual satellite data?

  6. JoNova says:

    Ian, the second graph is not from the new study, it’s a BOM graph. I included it because it has data on severe cyclone trends, which the paper did not.

  7. Morgan says:

    Step 7 – Stop enjoying catastrophes.

  8. Scarface says:

    Step 15. Stop calling CO2 a pollutant. It’s plantfood for heaven’s sake. CO2 is a harmless tracegas and plants love it: the more the better. People need it too: our own respiration is regulated by CO2. How can it be bad if it is benificial to life as we know it.

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