Trenberth Vs. The Climate

Trenberth used this slide yesterday during his political rant in Boulder.

ScreenHunter_126 Apr. 12 07.10

He didn’t show the same map from 2013, with 78% of the US below normal temeprature.


He didn’t mention that the thermometer data showed 2013 as tied for eighth coldest on record in the US. He didn’t mention that three other years averaged just as warm as 2012 before tampering.

ScreenHunter_128 Apr. 12 07.41

He didn’t mention that the warmth of 2012 was primarily due to mild winter and spring temperatures, rather than summer heat. He didn’t mention that the summer of 2012 didn’t rank among  the 10 hottest, and that the 10 hottest summers came below 350 PPM CO2.

ScreenHunter_129 Apr. 12 07.42

He didn’t mention that east of the Rockies, the US is having its coldest year on record.

YearTDeptUS (7)

The purpose of his presentation was to mislead the people who pay his salary. Isn’t there a word for that?

The word Judy Curry used was “propaganda.”

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19 Responses to Trenberth Vs. The Climate

  1. Edmonton Al says:

    Yes. He is an ALFL [Arrogant Leftist F..king Liar.

  2. R. Shearer says:

    I wish that the average citizen had the wherewithal to see through the cherry picking.

  3. Athlete says:

    “The purpose of his presentation was to mislead the people who pay his salary. Isn’t there a word for that?”

    Did he mention that he still goes around claiming that he “shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize”?

    Did he mention he is a plagiarist?

    Did he mention as lead author responsible for Chapter 3 of IPCC AR4 he “redefined ” what the peer reviewed literature says?

  4. Stephen Richards says:

    That is how we know that AGW is a scam.!!!

  5. Andy DC says:

    He is a disgrace to science. As a scientist, you are not supposed to give a biased presentation. He is a

    These people have a predetermined conclusion, then bias, if not downright lie to defend that conclusion. That is the ANTITHESIS of the scientific method!!

  6. David, UK says:

    There’s a word for people like Trenberth who propagate this shit. Where I come from it starts with a “C”.
    Thanks so much Steve for your tireless efforts in helping to disseminate the truth. You’re priceless.

  7. Andy Oz says:

    Trenberth on the mound.
    Not having a good day.
    Curry has hit him for a triple and two doubles today.
    Goddard up to bat. Bases are loaded.
    Here comes the pitch. And it’s outta here! Over centre field. Goddard trots around to a standing ovation.
    Trenberth is copping an absolute pasting today.
    Head coach Mann is looking towards the dug out but all he has left is an overweight slow pitching Gore. Looks like the Crimates are done for the season..

  8. matayaya says:

    You said what his talk was not about, how about providing a copy of what it was about. Then we could understand what your editorial was really about.

    • tom0mason says:

      You appear to be very confused as to what our host at this blogsite is about.
      I find this remarkable after all the one-to-one tutoring Steve has given you. I’m sure if you ask nicely, Mr. Trenbeth would tell you all you need to know.

      • matayaya says:

        Everyone has a responsibility to basic ethics.

        • Gail Combs says:

          So ‘Den!ers” must fight according to ‘The Marquess of Queensberry Rules’ but activists get to use Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals

          OK, I get the picture.

        • matayaya says:

          Every other host of websites I look at provides links to the original source of what they are commenting on. It is not a political thing. It is a matter of having enough confidence in the strength of one’s argument to permit a fair evaluation on the merits.

        • Gail Combs says:

          Steve just handed out his code and all that info. He also normally shows what information set he is using.

        • tom0mason says:

          Yes this was well shown by the leaked e-mails showing irresponsible AGW fraudsters.

    • Shazaam says:

      Oh my, once again, your mental thickness is beyond humorous!!

      Here is a tiny fact: There are many accusations of “Cherry Picking” bandied about.

      So, if some “expert” talks about a primo “cherry data point”, and carefully neglects to acknowlege any and all data that might contradict that “cherry data point”. How much weight would you give to any of the “expert”‘s opinions ?? (can’t call it scientific anything in this case)

      Ah well, keep it up Mata. We all know you are doing your very best with what mental capabilities you have.

    • Andy Oz says:

      You will find both presentations on Judith Curry’s website.

  9. Brian H says:

    Confidence Man?

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