NCDC Blows Away All Records For Data Tampering In Michigan

NCDC has adjusted Michigan March temperatures by a mind-blowing six degrees since 1895, and managed to make March only fifth coldest – ignoring record Great Lakes ice, common sense, and any concept of integrity.

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44 Responses to NCDC Blows Away All Records For Data Tampering In Michigan

  1. stewart pid says:

    At this rate it will soon be boiling hot and everyone will still be wearing sweaters 😉

  2. Brian G Valentine says:

    This make Tom Karl’s hair piece look natural

  3. Don says:

    I’ve repeatedly stated that they will never give up. They can’t, otherwise the money stops. They are caught up in group think, and money dreams.

  4. TomC says:

    Posted two weeks ago by
    NWS Marquette:

    NWS Gaylord:

    NWS Detroit:

    NWS Grand Rapids:

    There does appear to be colder Marches across the thumb, though the UP rivals record cold for areal coverage.

    However, the last four months have blown away coldest temperature records across the UP. Division 1 (western UP) and Division 2 (eastern UP), all first order climate stations with POR extending as far back as NCDC analysis period broke their coldest March on record by 0.9-3.4°F according to their data. Yet in the NCDC analysis just posted for March 1898-99 and 1903-04 were both colder in the Dec-Mar period analyzed by NWS Marquette.

  5. Tel says:

    It’s worse than we thought!

  6. Andy Oz says:

    Obviously the NCDC is full of Carolina Panther supporters who hate the Detroit Lions.
    Why can’t we all just get along?

  7. R. de Haan says:

    And this comes from a warmist blog: Detroit Snow breaks records, topples powerline and creates floodrisks:

  8. R. de Haan says:

    If we don’t throw out the bums ASAP we’re screwed beyond believe.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Unfortunately we should have done that one hundred years ago or even a couple dozen years ago. I am not sure the USA can be saved at this point without major pain and death.

  9. gator69 says:

    So when will they announce that the freezing point of fresh water is no longer 32F? I mean, they just had their chance with AR5.

  10. matayaya says:

    I guess reality is fudging the numbers as well. I saw an agricultural report yesterday where Canada has increased its corn production, corn needs a slightly warmer climate than wheat, to almost half a million acres from just a few thousand acres 20 years ago . Also, the wine making industry is moving uphill and poleward. In Italy and other wine growing regions, they are moving up hills and mountains to get away from the warmer temps. They even find planting on the north side of a hill and mountain can mitigate warming. Cold, but warming Scotland can now grow grapes and make wine to go along with their whiskey and rye. Shipping and drilling for oil is ramping up in the Arctic.
    I can see your next headline pivot from “it’s getting colder, to “a warmer planet is good for us”.

    • Corn isn’t widely grown in Canada because irrigation is expensive. Grapes have been grown in Scotland since the Roman times. The wine industry isn’t doing any moving to escape warming. Gosh, it’s almost like you really don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • matayaya says:

        You are wrong about corn and temperature, you are wrong regarding my comments on wine.

        • The title of your first article (which links to a typical enviroweenie gospel tract “news” site) is “Warming Climate May Change the World’s Wine Map”. I’m not sure who gave it permission, but in case English is not your first language, when some random idiot says “may” it means “will not”.

          Your second article is a tabloid run by a Phil Collins fan, & I really think you should try harder.

          You know literally nothing about agriculture or history.

        • matayaya says:

          This gives a bit of history to the development of the USDA plant hardiness map. This is mostly for horticulturalist, farmers and gardeners; not tacky politicos like us. There are even a couple of links where someone has cherry-picked the map and found a few places where it has actually gotten colder. You all could use for your “ice age is coming” presentation.

        • The USDA Plant Hardiness map has been continually useless since the 1970s when I first tried to use it & everything died from the cold.

          You are presenting precisely zero (0) evidence of your stupid assertion that “reality is fudging the numbers as well”. The growing season is just as long as it was 100 years ago. The plants you could grow 100 years ago still grow just fine in the same areas. New varieties with lower water needs & shorter growing seasons can grow in areas where older varieties could not.

          Grapes grew in Scotland 2000 years ago.

          The NCDC is improperly adjusting their published temperature records to show a nonexistent warming trend.

          You should really get outside of your mother’s basement once a week. It will be good for you.

      • Andy Oz says:

        Roman grape vines in Britain.
        “The vine was probably introduced to England by the Romans and the image (courtesy Gauis Caecilius) is of a vine pergola at Fishbourne Roman Palace.”

        • matayaya says:

          My references to wine growing are below, but to better make my point, I have included a link to the USDA plant hardiness map for Colorado. There is a qualifier about recent revisions to the map: “The reason for the revision is the markedly higher temperatures seen in the climate data collected from 1987 to 2001. A look at the national map reveals zone creep northward confirming what you have heard discussed in Denver for the last 5 years, “this is a zone 6 plant but don’t be afraid to try it.” Now we will officially be zone 6.”
          This USDA map revision applies to the entire country. Having grown up in south Georgia, then moving to the mid Atlantic area, I have watched plants I knew from south Georgia 20 to 30 years ago now being successfully grown in what had been a zone 6 but is now a zone 7. This past cold winter has killed some of them, but they did well for a long time. One cold winter is hardly a trend.

      • Andy Oz says:

        The Italian wine industry has halved since 1979.
        The major factor causing this are the Euro and New World wines displacing Italian wines. CO2 had nothing to do with it.

        Meanwhile English wine production was devastated by unprecedented climate change in 2013.
        “Last year for instance, chilly and damp conditions forced some vineyards to scrap entire grape harvests. The overall annual production fell to just over a million bottles, from about three million the previous year.”
        How many consecutive years of 66% crop destruction by unprecedented chilly damp British summers can the British wine industry survive?

        • gator69 says:

          Matayapper obviously is unaware of technological developments. New crop hybrids that can grow faster, use less water and grow in regions previously off limits. New drilling and shipping technology that opens up areas previously unavailable to the petroleum industry.

          Matayapper probably thinks the reason we went to the moon in the sixties, is because it was closer. 😆

    • rw says:

      Good non sequiturs here – (1) how do you know that corn production was increased because it’s getting warmer; maybe someone’s into biofuels, (2) Maybe Scotland is warm, but I’m pretty close by and it hasn’t been warming where I am – we’ve had another chilly early spring, (3) What years are you talking about in Italy? Or for that matter in Scotland? Maybe that wine will go nicely now with all the snow they’ve had.

      • matayaya says:

        You are right, it is never just one thing; but a two week longer growing season doesn’t hurt.

    • Shazaam says:

      Be kind to Mata. By that post it is readily apparent that Mata didn’t understand the point of the post was exposing the data manipulation being done by the government parasites.

      It’s very difficult to defend the government temperature data “adjustments” in the face of little things like frozen lakes and dramatically shortened growing seasons.

      However, Mata believes everything the government says. If Obama says it, it must be true. If NOAA adjusts it, the new number is the one to believe. That’s what he was taught you see. Never question, just believe.

      • matayaya says:

        This is a non government, business analysis for investors betting on global warming.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Köppen climate classification

      Köppen map bottom map has movement by decade.

      • matayaya says:

        So, from that snapshot, you are suggesting that plant hardiness zone lines have varied up and down with no warming trend. The USDA map also shows a few areas where a warming trend is not evident. Still, when you look at the larger map, a poleward moving plant hardiness is clearly evident.

        • Gail Combs says:

          Matayaya, It was DARN cold in the 1970s, I know because I live through the 1970s. Currently it is back to the way it was in the early part of the 20th century. Lets just hope we do not get a repeat of the 1930s dust bowl.

          Steve has shown plenty of temperature records from all over the USA that show it was WARMER during the 1930s/1940s warm spike. Other bloggers have show the same thing in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Now I have shown you another piece of evidence.

          Here is a third: Study finds stream temperatures don’t parallel warming climate trend

          NZ: The Goat ate the Data

          Australia: listing of blog posts

          Europe: hidethedecline(DOT)eu/pages/who-are-we.php

          It is pretty bad when citizen volunteers have to waste time trying to catch all the shoddy science and tricks played by governments and Academia. I for one am completely disgusted with the rich robber barons, their government toadies and their enablers which you seem to be.

          I am hoping enough people wake the heck up and realize they are being led back into slavery by the judas goats in Academia. When they do wake up it isn’t going to be pretty and that is why DHS is stockpiling enough ammo for a hot war IN THE USA to last for 20 years. It is also why DHS is fingering ‘Domestic Terrorists’ as the most dangerous.

    • Robert Austin says:

      First of all, your claim that Canada only grew a “few thousand acres 20 years ago” is pure bullshit. I have lived all my life in Southern Ontario and we have grown lots of corn for many more than 20 years. The reason why we are able to grow more corn here than in days of yore is simple. Varieties of corn have been developed that enable corn tolerate a slightly shorter growing season. Ergo, the corn belt has advanced about another 100 miles north to Georgian Bay.
      Also, a slightly warmer planet is good for us, no doubt about it.

    • stewart pid says:

      Matayaya you are an idiot … more corn is being grown for a simple reason … look at a graph of 10 year prices1
      Look at the price for the past two years

      • matayaya says:

        A two week longer growing season helps as well.

        • Gail Combs says:

          TWO WEEKS LONGER????
          Ha HA HA

          The planting guide says I should plant tomatoes the 2nd and third week of April in my area.

          It was 30 °F this morning – 2 °F below freezing. I just checked and at 2:02 the ground is 46 °F – 4 °F below the temperature when corn can be planted.

          Last year was just as bad. Corn was still knee high first of July and my white clover (a cool season crop) never did die back. That is the first time in 20 years I have not had clover go brown and die by the end of June.

          My Abrussi rye (winter grazing) never grew this winter until two weeks ago because it was just too cold.

          You can spout that crap to city folk but older farmers will call you a liar to your face.

        • Gail Combs says:

          OH, and the current temp is 57 °F. In the last ten years it has never gotten below 72 with an average of 77.5 °F on this date.

  11. ntesdorf says:

    The Warmistas can never admit defeat or their funding would be cut off. Temperature adjustments are their last line of defence against ever colder weather and constantly declining temperatures around the World..
    Matayaya needs to get out more often or at least open his window sometimes.

  12. Gail Combs says:

    matayaya, LOOK at the Köppen map! as I asked you to before. It shows how the boundaries in the corn belt of the USA have moved during the 20th century. The second map is by decade. Since the temperatures have remained unchanged for the last fifteen to seventeen years it can be considered relatively accurate for this part of the 21st Century too.

    That map shows there is NOTHING UNUSUAL GOING ON and the 1990s was in the middle of the pack. The outlier is the 1970s by a wide margin.

    Köppen climate classification, widely used, vegetation-based empirical climate classification system developed by German botanist-climatologist Wladimir Köppen. His aim was to devise formulas that would define climatic boundaries in such a way as to correspond to those of the vegetation zones (biomes) that were being mapped for the first time during his lifetime….

    • matayaya says:

      Gail, Koppen basically has three zones for the entire U.S. from the Rockies east. The USDA has about 11 in the same space. Horticulture is part of my business and my grandfather and father were farmers. I don’t know anyone in the business that doesn’t rely on the USDA. Koppen is interesting, but you wouldn’t run a business using that information. Your map selection of northern Kansas and Missouri is the upper end of the same zone as New Orleans. What use is that if you want to know what to plant?
      Here is a USDA map showing the poleward creep of plant hardiness zones. This is what everyone in my business pays attention to.

      • matayaya says:

        Yes, we have had a very cold winter. The drunken Arctic had a warmer than usual winter. One cold winter in the lower 48 US (1.6 percent of the globe) does not make a global cooling trend. Surface temperatures in the lower 48 US have not risen as fast as in the 90s; but the global energy imbalance of the climate system continues to build.

        • slimething says:

          Are you freaking daft? The data is right there for anyone to assemble and it shows clearly that the so called warming of the last 30 years in the U.S. is due to adjustment of temperature data; cooling the past and warming the present; the was done globally. In Michigan, whose weather stations have a high quality siting rating, NCDC adjusted it 6 degrees from 1895 to present. That’s how the warming trend was derived; complete bullshit.

          You have yet to address the OP. You are nothing but a troll.

        • matayaya says:

          I see you have swallowed Steve’s stuff hook, line and sinker. Where is your skepticism? What is the OP thing?

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