Pellston, Michigan Breaks Their Low Temperature Record By 16 Degrees

ScreenHunter_240 Apr. 16 06.58

h/t to Andy DC

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15 Responses to Pellston, Michigan Breaks Their Low Temperature Record By 16 Degrees

  1. slimething says:

    It was 17 when I left for work this morning in the thumb of Michigan. I don’t know what the record was for this day.

  2. ccglea says:

    In SW Ohio, we broke the record low high by 5.1 degrees and record low by 1.0.

  3. lance says:

    these will be adjusted out of existance…

  4. Anthony Bremner says:

    Anybody notice that the CA water reservoir graphs are way off? If you look at San Luis for instance the historical average line is at about the 95% mark instead of the correct 52% mark making it look drastically low. It is only 6% below history but looks like it is down 50%. I wrote to them but no answer of course.

    • Mike D says:

      I think that means the current level is 46% of the total capacity and 52% of the historic average. Not that the historic average is 52% of the total capacity.

    • Mike D says:

      Switch the date to some time in 2011 when things were over the historic average and the Hist Avg numbers are over 100% which can’t be more than 100% of total capacity.

  5. Alec, aka daffy duck says:

    Micheal Mann Caused the global temperture plateau… There has been no global warming since Mann got his PhD!
    A.B. applied mathematics and physics (1989), MS physics (1991), MPhil physics (1991), MPhil geology (1993), PhD geology & geophysics (1998)[1]

  6. Jeff says:

    If you look at MQT’s climate summary you will see that they went down to -1 breaking the previous record low of 16. Obviously shattering the record by 17 degrees. There wasn’t a record event posted on the NWS MQT website for this temperature.

  7. Andy DC says:

    Today at 2 PM my car thermometer read 41, while Washington National read 48. Perfectly clear day, good breeze plenty of mixing, no fronts remotely in the area. There is absolutely no reason for such a large difference during daytime and didn’t used to be up until 2-3 years ago.

  8. The Iconoclast says:

    Steven, your RSS feed seems to include every article twice. FYI.

  9. tom0mason says:

    And in Ontario Canada, 16 April 2014

    Updated weather summary for Southern Ontario and the
    National Capital Region issued by Environment Canada
    At 3:24 P.M. EDT Wednesday 16 April 2014.

    Unseasonably cold air over Southern Ontario resulted in a number of
    low temperature records being broken this morning.

    The following is a summary of weather event information received by
    Environment Canada.

    Location morning low temperature

    Windsor -4.8 c (previous record -2.8 c in 1962)
    Sarnia -7.0 c (previous record -5.0 c in 1962)
    London -7.8 c (previous record -5.7 c in 1980)
    Kitchener -8.5 c (previous record -6.7 c in 1928)
    Hamilton -8.2 c (previous record -5.0 c in 1980)
    Toronto (Pearson) -6.9 c (previous record -5.6 c in 1980)
    Oshawa -7.1 c (previous record -4.5 c in 1980)
    St Catharines -4.0 c (previous record -3.9 c in 1980)
    Muskoka -14.4 c (previous record -11.7 c in 1943)
    Peterborough -7.5 c (previous record -7.4 c in 1980)
    Trenton -6.4 c (previous record -6.1 c in 1963)
    Petawawa -13.4 c (previous record -9.2 c in 1980)
    Ottawa -9.5 c (previous record -8.3 c in 1939)

    Please note that this summary may contain preliminary or unofficial
    information and does not constitute a complete or final report.


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