UN Says They Can Slow Non-Existent Warming

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It isn’t difficult slowing a non-existent warming trend.

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22 Responses to UN Says They Can Slow Non-Existent Warming

  1. Gail Combs says:

    Heck all they have to do is the same ‘adjustments’ but in reverse.

    However I am sure they are in a panic to get all their laws in place before the rest of the Sheeple wake-up to the fact they have been HAD. Once the laws are in place not even a nuke will be able to dislodge them.

  2. Andy Oz says:

    Christians see the blood moon and say the end of the world is coming!!!
    Alarmists say climatology is not a religion, yet come to almost the same conclusion when CO2 moves a few ppm. I’m not sure what this all means but it is very strange behaviour.


  3. mikegeo says:

    Slow the warming??
    Here’s what the AGW are doing now to draw attention – relay snorkel groups through the northwest passage! Expensive lunacy .

    • Shazaam says:

      Nothing says “polar bear snacks” like that stupid glo-bull warming stunt.

      I didn’t think anything could top the “rowing team” (and their bestest buddy Reggie) for brainlessness.

      Looks like I was wrong.

  4. Brian G Valentine says:

    No “Free Lunch” ???

    There is no such thing as “paid lunch” for UN freeloaders and parasites

    Everything is “free lunch” to the UN

  5. Mike D says:

    Tell you what, let’s spend no money on it and then see if there really is a free lunch.

  6. R. de Haan says:

    All those parasites want money for nothing.
    And they steal it on fear based propaganda.

    Screw the lot. In the past we exactly knew what to do with thieves like that.

  7. De Paus says:

    86,429,000 people who work in the private sector and pay taxes must carry the load of a national debt of $ 17,580,880,000,000 (according to http://www.usdebtclock.org) The real amount of national debt is even higher, The nationalised companies, like GM, Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae have a debt of $, of which half is covered by assets. So the real national debt is about $ This money will never be paid back again, the FED is just printing dollars like they did in Zimbabwe. The world in understanding this more and more, and soon the US dollar will not be accepted any more as the world’s reserve currency. That moment will come sooner than expected and there will be an enormous dollar crisis. This means millions will loose their jobs and the dollar will become worthless.

  8. Dave N says:

    Fitting that the last part of the URL reads “un-climate”. (To hysterical alarmists: yes, I know that the “un” part is supposed to mean United Nations).

    “Despite more than two decades of efforts to restrain carbon emissions, not only are emissions still going up, they’re going up faster than ever..”

    So they’re focusing on the last couple of decades, yet they don’t mention how much global temperature hasn’t shifted during that time. One really has to wonder for how much longer the temperature has to remain static (or even go down) before they realise the game is up (or more accurately: over).

    I’ll take a shot and estimate that it’ll be at least another 15 years of near zero, or a downturn in temps before the hysteria disappears into obscurity (with the usual idiots claiming there was never any real scare to begin with).

  9. tom0mason says:

    Dear UN just for the record I and many of my fellow friend do not want to slow your so called ‘global warming’. We see absolutely no reason to stop our putting out CO2 or to restricting fossil fuel use. So please Go Away! with your ghoulish prognostications, as they have no basis in reality. Go and pester someone else that doesn’t care what happens to the future generations.

  10. Andy Oz says:

    The UN IPCC says we have to eliminate 70% of carbon emissions by 2050 and 100% by 2100. The underlying message is that a one world government is in train and the international carbon tax is their initial funding source with a single world currency. Later on it will be a land area tax or a population tax or a marginal tax on GDP. Global domination is the aim of the elites and slavery for everyone else.

  11. COCO says:

    David Keith has the Amerikan solution – the loon wants to use WMD on our atmosphere to “kill some” citizens but abate the horrors of AGW.

  12. jaydi says:

    with the trafficking in white slavery its a wonder the UN has time to do anything

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