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March Madness In Michigan

The National Weather Service tweeted yesterday that March was coldest on record at many locations in Upper Michigan. I responded by pointing out that NCDC said March was only fifth coldest in Michigan. https://twitter.com/SteveSGoddard/status/456483610149654529 NWS responded by saying that the … Continue reading

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State Of The Climate Report

The IPCC says the world is burning up The real world says differently. No global warming for over 17 years Global sea ice area is near an all-time record high for mid-April Great Lakes ice cover is the highest on record … Continue reading

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Looking For Contract Programming Work To Finance My Climate Research

I am working on writing a couple of books which should be excellent reads (and hopefully big sellers) and have several other climate related projects in the works. These efforts require time and I have to pay bills in the interim. … Continue reading

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Understanding The Polar Vortex

Climate experts announced yesterday that the polar vortex which brought cold weather to the east this winter, was caused by missing Arctic ice. Additional research has determined that the Arctic Vortex was directly caused by Reggie’s blowtorch, which melted the ice. … Continue reading

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Arctic Situation Gets More Desperate

Climate experts announced yesterday that a missing ice cube in the Barents Sea threatens Earth’s survival. http://nsidc.org/data/seaice_index/images/daily_images/N_daily_extent.png

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