With The World Falling Apart, White House Is Focused Like A Laser On Rustling An Old Man’s Cattle In Nevada

The White House and Senator Reid have assembled a massive paramilitary operation to rustle 67 year old Cliven Bundy’s cattle (and probably gun him down) – while Jews in the Ukraine are being forced to register.

Jews in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk where pro-Russian militants have taken over government buildings were told they have to “register” with the Ukrainians who are trying to make the city become part of Russia, according to Israeli media.

Jews emerging from a synagogue say they were handed leaflets that ordered the city’s Jews to provide a list of property they own and pay a registration fee “or else have their citizenship revoked, face deportation and see their assets confiscated,” reported Ynet News, Israel’s largest news website.


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22 Responses to With The World Falling Apart, White House Is Focused Like A Laser On Rustling An Old Man’s Cattle In Nevada

  1. Keitho says:

    Scary shit indeed.

  2. Edmonton Al says:

    Obama and his leftie thugs are totally out of control.
    It is time for a military coup in the good ole USA

  3. Okie says:

    The Chicago machine is dedicated to shaking down the USA. It will continue until every city looks like Detroit. They have ceded the rest of the world to other dictators.

  4. Were they having a climate skeptic meeting at the synagogue?

  5. dmmcmah says:

    I did a search on the NY Times for “Cliven Bundy” for articles past 7 days and the only thing that came up was an ad for Rand Paul. I also noticed my comments on climate change articles in the NYT are often censored. If I post something neutral or that could be inferred as supporting climate change, it gets posted. If I post links to actual temperature data so people can see for themselves it doesn’t pass moderation. Interesting how the left doesn’t want people knowing certain things.

  6. Charles Nelson says:

    Story doesn’t ring true.
    Starting to persecute Jews would be quite simply not in the best interest of either post communist Russia or mildly fascist Ukraine.
    I thought your sight was skeptical of alarmism?

    • Antisemitism in Eastern Europe? Who could ever dream up such a silly idea.

      • policycritic says:

        It’s coming out that it’s the extreme right pro-Ukrainian forces (Right Sector, Banderists) that Victoria Nukand, et al, supported; in other words, Putin has been calling these thugs right from the git-go.

        Someone is so desperate to start WWIII that they are pulling out all the stops to get people across the pond (meaning us) all riled up, and get soften us up so that we will [promote troops on the ground there. As for me? I’m not buy this shit.

        • policycritic says:

          …and soften us up so that we will promote…I’m not buying this shit.

          (I don’t know if it’s the screwy autocorrect or if my keyboard has a mind of its own.)

        • David A says:

          Yes, the claim is that some in the Ukraine are simply looking for support from the West, and setting up a false flag, which is plausible. Putin is anything but trustworthy, but he is not stupid, and that would be a stupid move.
          So we really know so little anymore. like Syria, who really did the WMD chemical weapons attack.

          I do know that if a republican president had been caught on tape telling Putin that he could be more flexible after the elections, the question of what exactly he was referring to would be asked everywhere in the media, and often.

        • Charles Nelson says:

          Yup. Pretty much on the nose. Shame Steve fell for it.

      • Charles Nelson says:

        City’s chief rabbi states pamphlet is fake, claiming it’s meant to discredit pro-Russian protesters or Jewish community.

        Steve…stick with the climate thing where you’re onto a clear winner.
        Right wing knee jerk stuff just clouds your otherwise brilliant reputation.
        By the way, I agree with most of what you say…so still friends.

    • Gail Combs says:

      The story is also is in USA Today. (Not that I trust that newspaper, US news papers print coordinated propaganda.)
      Leaflet tells Jews to register in East Ukraine

      Luboš Motl (a Czech) has The mild civil war in Ukraine
      The comments there are interesting.

      And from Richard North (EU referendum) http://www.eureferendum.com/results.aspx?keyword=%20Ukraine

      The nice thing about the internet is you get to look at several sides to a story.

  7. What does the eviction of an armed moronic thug who is freeloading on US land have to do with science or climate?

  8. policycritic says:

    Steve, bookmark moonofalabama.org for Ukraine/foreign stuff and another POV.

  9. Eric Simpson says:

    Hotair has a post on this titled: Report: Jewish residents being forced to “register” by pro-Russian militants in eastern Ukrainian city; Update: U.S. ambassador confirms; Update: Hoax?
    A couple of excerpts:
    Update: If this is a hoax or false flag, it’s good enough to fool the U.S. diplomatic corps.
    Update 2: Some locals maintain that it is in fact a false flag by Ukrainian nationalists designed to make the Putinistas look bad:

    Here’s a video showing Russian separatists storming a couple of police stations in eastern Ukraine:

  10. Brian H says:

    The whole WH metaphor is, predictably, scientifically illiterate. Lasers don’t require focusing. Their entire efficacy results from coherent emission and waves.

  11. bobmaginnis says:

    Email intercepts that included the original copies of anti-Semitic leaflets distributed in Eastern Ukraine have now been shown to be part of an elaborate false flag hoax to sabotage recent US-Russian talks.

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