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My Solution For Climate Change

The most effective way to end worrisome climate change, is to elect honest politicians – and cut off the funding to the liars and scumbags propagating this scam. Advertisements

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Crack Climate Research

Climate scientists on crack have determined that cryosphere is in collapse, based on three outlier years and no trend. arctic.atmos.uiuc.edu/cryosphere/timeseries.global.anom.1979-2008

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The Hockey Stick Is Real

NOAA has set an all-time world record for data tampering in 2014. So far this year they have adjusted US temperature upwards by an average of 1.185 degrees at all USHCN stations, creating a genuine hockey stick. Final : ushcn.tavg.latest.FLs.52i.tar.gz … Continue reading

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Understanding Workplace Violence

If you shout Islamic epithets while gunning down US soldiers eating lunch, that is workplace violence. But if you raise food in Nevada on land your family has worked for 140 years, you are a terrorist.

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Global Warming – Without The Warming Part


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US Midwest Having The Coldest Start To The Year On Record

2014 is almost one-third over, and so far has been the coldest start to the year on record in the US midwest.

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Life In Green Hell

I live in the middle of a fracking gas field. Our electricity comes from a coal fired power plant 20 miles away, and coal death trains pass through Fort Collins several times a day. The environment here is very clean, and … Continue reading

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