King George III – October 27, 1775

October 27, 1775

King George III speaks before both houses of the British Parliament to discuss growing concern about the rebellion in America, which he viewed as a traitorous action against himself and Great Britain. He began his speech by reading a “Proclamation of Rebellion” and urged Parliament to move quickly to end the revolt and bring order to the colonies.

The king spoke of his belief that “many of these unhappy people may still retain their loyalty, and may be too wise not to see the fatal consequence of this usurpation, and wish to resist it, yet the torrent of violence has been strong enough to compel their acquiescence, till a sufficient force shall appear to support them.” With these words, the king gave Parliament his consent to dispatch troops to use against his own subjects, a notion that his colonists believed impossible.

King George III speaks to Parliament of American rebellion

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9 Responses to King George III – October 27, 1775

  1. John B., M.D. says:

    Sounds a lot like King Obama and Prince Harry.

  2. jdseanjd says:

    Jesuits suppressed 1773, go underground. 1st May 1776 Rothschild announces 25 point plan to take over the world. Illuminati established 1773.

    Ted L. Gunderson, 58 min interview.
    OR: youtube & The Bleeping Truth Rare Interview with Ted Gunderson.
    A 78 year old retired Ex FBI chief over 600 staff under him. A man with a conscience.

  3. jdseanjd says:

    See also Ted Gunderson on 9 11 truth.

    Also :
    OR: The Vatican’s Role In The New World Order! Bill Hughes.

    From Martin Luther’s 1517 nailing of his 95 theses to the door at Wittenberge, to the 1540 founding of Ignatius Loyola’s Jesuit Order, through Queen Elizabeth Ist’s war with Catholic Spain, to Kennedy’s assassination. Catholic (Jesuit) plots.

    Catholics: Reagan, Bush, Clinton & Bliar.

  4. King George III needs your Flickr cookies ‘cuz Mozilla’s on the outer space for 6 weeks!

  5. Morgan says:

    Speaking of King George, next time a climatologist says they grew grapes in England in the 1600’s, which is a common lie they think we can’t disprove, use this to prove them wrong.

    Vinetum Britannica was written in 1676 describing all the various forms of wine made in England. They made wine from apples, birch sap, honey (metheglin) but NO GRAPES!!

  6. Chip Bennett says:

    Yep; the ol’ king couldn’t stand any homegrown domestic terrorists, either.

  7. edonthewayup says:

    Reblogged this on Edonurwayup's Blog and commented:
    Science shows that oligarchical rulers become the last and all powerful law of the land.

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