Leading Scientist Warns Of Five Meters Sea Level Rise By 2028

Crack scientist tells us that sea level will rise about 1mm/day for the next fourteen years.

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Nature 271, 321 – 325 (26 January 1978);

West Antarctic ice sheet and CO2 greenhouse effect: a threat of disaster


Institute of Polar Studies, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio 43210

If the global consumption of fossil fuels continues to grow at its present rate, atmospheric CO2 content will double in about 50 years. Climatic models suggest that the resultant greenhouse-warming effect will be greatly magnified in high latitudes. The computed temperature rise at lat 80° S could start rapid deglaciation of West Antarctica, leading to a 5 m rise in sea level.

West Antarctic ice sheet and CO2 greenhouse effect: a threat of disaster

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6 Responses to Leading Scientist Warns Of Five Meters Sea Level Rise By 2028

  1. darrylb says:

    Leading scientists have been leading us into in the wrong direction.
    Obviously the many models, each a separate hypothesis of future events have proven time and again to be wrong.
    My frustration is that generally each and every model is owned by some person and /or institution and we cannot see the algorithm producing the projection of the model.
    There is no accountability for errors, because we (at least as to what I can ascertain) cannot see the input, only the outcome; and one can take many paths to the same outcome.

  2. The so-called “climate scientists” promoting the AGW (now “climate change”) scare have become a laughingstock. Their tweaked and tuned climate models are the product of science fiction, not science. None of their dire model-based predictions have materialized. Yet there is still a body of true believers, a cult, who takes them seriously and wags a finger at anyone who questions their enlightened views.

    Most honest scientists will tell you off the record and in private that the AGW threat is pure hokum — junk science being pedaled by a bunch of a greedy grant seekers and publicity hounds, with support from government control freaks and lazy reporters turned stenographers.

    In a just world, the ringleaders perpetrating this colossal fraud would be arrested and jailed.

  3. Psalmon says:

    DT CO2
    2° C 450ppm
    3° C 650ppm
    4° C 1000ppm

    This is what the latest IPCC report showed. Note that we are already AT +1.8deg C on this scale already since CO2 is ~400ppm. So a doubling adds (supposedly) 1.5-2 deg C at most. And that would melt all this ice…

    Between 1979 and 2014, satellite temps rose +0.3 deg C while CO2 increased by 65 ppm, from 335 to ~400 today. So that table supposedly would work out if there was causality (65*6=390+400=~800ppm; 0.3*6=1.8 deg C) and that much CO2 (800ppm).

    The problem is the current CO2 trend has been +20 ppm per decade, and fairly linear in that timeframe. Mostly because we aren’t the primary emitter of CO2.

    So by 2050, 35 years from now, that’s +65ppm more, but for arguments sake let’s say it’s +100ppm higher.

    So at 500 ppm in 2050, We add about 2.25-1.8 = +0.45 deg C at most, maybe +0.3 deg C if CO2 growth stays fairly linear.
    – Does half a degree even melt anything? Not so far.

    Then is there any causality?
    – Why should we see half a degree of warming given the current trend? Been cooling.
    – Will it warm more or less with a cool PDO and cool AMO coming in the next 35 years?

    Every time you try to make their wild projections work out, they are hanged with their own numbers and valid observation. It’s amazing this comes out of any University.

  4. I read an article that indicated the sea level rise over the past 80 years was 2 mm. The scientist was off by 1,460,000%.

  5. Bob Knows says:

    That should read, “Crack Smoking Scientist tells us….”

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