An Ice-Free Michigan In 2014?

Al Gore predicted an ice-free Arctic in 2014, but the burning question is if Michigan will be ice-free this year.

ScreenHunter_10 Apr. 23 11.03

CableAmerica: Lake Superior


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16 Responses to An Ice-Free Michigan In 2014?

  1. squid2112 says:

    Just remember, if it is still frozen in August, it is that eeeeevvviiiiiiill CO2 what done it!

  2. mkelly says:

    The Straits of Mackinaw are about 80% ice free now. Several small lakes just outside St. Ignace, Michigan still are covered in ice.
    Chain Lake an example.,-84.7450071,14z?hl=en
    The link shows the location of lake.

  3. Mohatdebos says:

    I have lived in Michigan for 30 years and have never seen this much ice this late into spring in Lake Michigan. I know the picture you posted is from Lake Superior, which is further north and west, and which has much more ice. Please correct me, but didn’t Jeff Masters use to claim that Lake Superior was warmer than ever because of global warming!

  4. rw says:

    The big question now is whether St. Peter will be able to keep the smirk off his face when Al Gore arrives.

    • Chip Bennett says:

      That depends on how far behind the Goracle Michael Bloomberg is.

      • There Is No Substitute for Victory. says:

        I don’t think that it’ll be Saint Peter who will be smirking when Owl Gore arrives at the Pearly Gates. But on the other hand Owl Gore will finally have found his missing heat, and guess what? It ain’t at the bottom of the ocean.

  5. Password protected says:

    Makes me think prolonged cooling would be a very scary thing.
    Far worse than a few tenths of a degree warming.

  6. philjourdan says:

    Many hope, few are accurate.

  7. Bryan Wiley says:

    Steve, is there a way to contact you directly via phone? I am setting up a meeting with my representative (Detroit area) and will be using your info. I’ll have 30 minutes to present my case. What should I present in 30 minutes?

  8. Analysis of individual stations in Illionois shows that there is 2F of tampering with current temperatures, compared with 1977.

  9. Eric Simpson says:

    It’s nearly May and one of our biggest states is blanketed in ice and snow. Scary. This is what the start of an ice age looks like.

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