11% Of US Minimum Temperatures Through April 23 Have Been Below 0F

Climate experts say that global warming makes nighttime temperatures below 0F nearly impossible in the US.

So far this year, 11.1% of US nighttime temperature readings have been below 0F – the fifth highest on record for the date.

Screenshot at Apr 24 07-43-46

Generated using GHCN command

./ghcn.exe US23042014.txt through=0423 > US23042014_through_0423.csv

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2 Responses to 11% Of US Minimum Temperatures Through April 23 Have Been Below 0F

  1. Very helpful to have you put the command line there Steve. Still haven’t played around much with it but now that I have it working I will be diving in more once I get a few other pressing issues out of the way.

    I think it would be cool to take the daily data and generate a USA temperature map for each day in the record (by area weighting the geographical positions somehow), then take every frame and create a movie of the entire record. It should show weather patterns over time going back decades. Can one leave 1000+ files open (open them all, then read one day from each one, and post the results by station & location in a new file for each day), then close them all? I’ve never tried doing that many at once. Opening and closing them for each day might have a hard drive doing backflips. Playing a movie like that would probably show obvious errors as a wrong color spot.

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