And You Thought The Dark Ages Were Over?

Progressives get stupider by the hour.

ScreenHunter_03 Apr. 25 17.02

Twitter / TheDailyClimate: Another #climate #wildfire …

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18 Responses to And You Thought The Dark Ages Were Over?

  1. Sparks says:

    That’s a very embarrassing comment considering- 70% of this “hot dry world” is covered in oceans…

  2. Anything is possible says:

    “A generation which ignores history has no past — and no future.” Robert A. Heinlein

  3. Brian G Valentine says:

    George Orwell guessed the date correctly! He knew it would eventually be here with us, the only question was when.

    A publication identified as “Daily” Climate could exist only after 1984

  4. Andy DC says:

    We had a cool, windy day in DC as we always have in April. Only now we got “Red Flag Warnings”, meaning that we now have yet another make believe crisis that alarmists can hissy fit over.

  5. squid2112 says:

    There are at least two glaring problems with what Daily Climate is saying. Firstly, we have been told by the Global Warming Nazis, over and over again, that a warmer world would be a wetter world, not a dryer one. Hence, where they come up with the supposed “tipping point” bullshit. Secondly, fully 90% (more than 9 in 10) fires are caused by humans, not by any other means. That is, humans, either purposefully or through negligence, are responsible for 9 out of 10 of every fire we see. And this comes directly from the forest service and Smokey The Bear himself.

    • Justa Joe says:

      They alternately say that it will be wetter and drier depending on whatever scare they’re trying to perpetrate at the given time. AGW appears to be more evil and willfully malicious than even the devil from the Bible.

  6. Justa Joe says:

    “learn again to live with fire” – Ooh it sounds like a line out of a bad caveman movie. What the heck does that even mean?

    • Andy Oz says:

      Since fire (at least on this planet) produces CO2, they must be referring to the type of fire that doesn’t produce CO2. Perhaps it’s hydrogen they are referring to.

      I’m thinking Hindenburg. “Oh, the humanity!”

  7. Mike D says:

    How does the earth get dryer under global warming? The tropics is fricking humid, and when it rains, it rains. I’d actually expect air to transport much more water inland under warming than happens now. I would also expect much more vegetation from the warmth, CO2, and water.

    But of course, there has to be that warming first.

    • Brian G Valentine says:

      Surprisingly, climate models have predicted more rainfall in the Tropics, a consequence of a tropical hot spot which has remained unobserved, and all ignored.

      Unobserved consequences are the only ones to be taken seriously

    • Brian H says:

      Droughts are associated with cooler, drier air.

  8. B.C. says:

    Funny that the Klimate Klowns and Keystone Killer Kops are worrying about “Learning To Live With Fire Again”, when the Consensus of Experts of yesteryear were doing everything in their power to prevent exactly that — preventing those dumb, non-degree-holding hillbillies and stumpjumpers from burning the woods in order to prevent the build-up of fuels that lead to stand-killing wildfires.

    We continue to have to deal with the Northern idiots who have moved down to the SE U.S. and try to tell us how bad fire is, even though over half a century’s worth of REAL research has proven, with empirical results that withstand actual falsification through replication, that fire is essential to the health of ALL terrestrial ecosystems in North America. (It’s just a matter of how much, how hot and how often the fires burn.) If anyone wants to see how REAL research is done, do a search using your favorite engine, of the “Tall Timbers Research Station”. The folks who set it up and continue to run it have done so with consummate professionalism and ethics.

  9. Dave N says:

    “Past is irrelevant..”.

    Just another alarmist way of denying that things are actually normal.

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