Scam Of The Day

A favorite scam of alarmists like Trenberth and Holdren is to blame damage from Sandy’s storm surge on global warming driven sea level rise. Never mind that there has been no change in the rate of Manhattan “sea level rise” since the start of measurements 160 years ago, and that there is no correlation between Manhattan sea level and temperature.

Never mind that the apparent sea level rise is due to subsidence, and never mind that there is no sea level rise on the west coast.

Sea level isn’t rising in Manhattan, rather the tide gauge has been subsiding at a constant rate since 1860.

ScreenHunter_17 Apr. 26 17.22

From 1856 to 1910, sea level “rose” at the same rate as now, but there was no warming. There is zero correlation between Manhattan sea level and global warming.

ScreenHunter_16 Apr. 26 17.13


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3 Responses to Scam Of The Day

  1. Brian G Valentine says:

    People knew a long time ago that something like this would happen at high tide, and property owners were advised accordingly.

    List anything Holdren or Trenberth predicted correctly right here:

    They have been at this game for over 30 years each now, and there must be something they got right

  2. One scam of the day may be to simply compare the Ice Core data to the Hockeystick. The Ice Core data totally debunks the Hockeystick, so the IPCC uses two contradictory data sets and can still reach a “consensus.” This is the most bizarre “science” I’ve ever seen.

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