Nothing To See Here, Move Along

There was nothing suspicious about Petraeus being targeted two days before he was scheduled to testify about Benghazi.

There was certainly nothing suspicious about Ben Carson getting a tax audit after criticizing Obama.

Not a smidgen of corruption behind the IRS targeting conservatives and preventing them from getting involved in the election.

Nothing suspicious about D’Souza being targeted and setting half a million dollars bail for doing something much less serious than many Obama donors.

And Candy Crowley just happened to have a transcript, and Obama just happened to know about it.

Nothing to see here, move along.


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20 Responses to Nothing To See Here, Move Along

  1. B says:

    That’s the political football game the two teams play.
    As they say, don’t hate the players, hate the game. Although all the players are so despicable at this point, might as well just hate it all.

    • Why are you so desperate to change the subject? This is the most corrupt white house in history, by a wide margin.

      • aeroguy48 says:

        Yes and Chief Supreme Court Justice John Roberts had the rumor come out he had an affair just before he changed his mind and said obamacare was constitutional. Slimy bastards they all are.

      • B says:

        The subject is not being changed. I am making a point. When one chooses a team he begins focusing on who is more corrupt than whom instead of the corruption.

        Each administration is more corrupt than the one before it with very little exception. We always live under “most corrupt white house in history”. It’s been this way for at least 50 years, and some could argue with some exceptions, 150 or more.

    • Send Al to the Pole says:

      It isn’t “ALL” the players. 90% of it is on the left, and team Obungo has set a new low even for his party.

      Steve, I hope you’re taking every precaution. I’m surprised the CIA hasn’t shown up at your door.

    • Justa Joe says:

      B, do you have any examples of any Republicans pulling these kinds of Shenanigans and getting away with it? I can’t recall any. Goddard didn’t even mention Fast & Furious.

      There’s been an unprecedented turnover in top military brass under this administration.

      • B says:

        Bush and none of his ilk are in prison for the wars, the financial collapse/bailout, and much more, so he and his ilk got away with it.

        What you really mean is how the mainstream media reacted and covers various “shenanigans”. Since the mainstream media is pro-government with D’s running things of course they favor team D in their coverage.

        But since this is just a football game, these lists are just the score. It doesn’t matter who wins the game so long as the fans show up, watch on TV, and buy the merchandise. The league always wins. Does Vince McMahon make any less money with Hulk Hogan winning or Andre the Giant? Doesn’t matter. Just watch and buy.

        Obama has advanced the ball from where Bush left it. His replacement will advance it further until people realize that D and R are two gangs fighting for the greater share of plundering us. BTW, The purge of the military under Obama is just the latest step in making the military suitable for use in domestic operations, which has been an on-going transformation dating back to the Reagan years at the very least.

        • Justa Joe says:

          “Bush and none of his ilk are in prison for the wars, the financial collapse/bailout, and much more, so he and his ilk got away with it.” – B

          What a Democrat drone. Do you know the difference between a policy that you may disagree with and something that is illegal?

  2. abundantlife says:

    Obama is a charlatan in every way possible. He’s a deceiver and pathological liar.

  3. Andy Oz says:

    I always thought Petraeus was the next Presidential candidate in waiting when he was appointed to head the CIA. Bit like Ike. And then his politics seemed to change and be conveniently got busted by the tabloids. However, Benghazi is more likely the cause of the J Edgar Hoover style ambush.

  4. gator69 says:

    And the Benghazi personnel are still having their ‘moment of silence’.

  5. David, UK says:

    This is an eye-opener (was for me, anyway). Freedom to Fascism.

    • gator69 says:

      I couldn’t get past the first ten seconds, this POS starts with lies, and that kills it for me.

      “Is it true that President Bush called the Constitution a “goddamned piece of paper?” He has never denied it, and it appears that there were several witnesses.
      The report that Bush “screamed” those words at Republican congressional leaders in November 2005 is unsubstantiated, to put it charitably.
      We judge that the odds that the report is accurate hover near zero. It comes from Capitol Hill Blue, a Web site that has a history of relying on phony sources, retracting stories and apologizing to its readers.
      Update, Feb. 21, 2011: The author of the Capitol Hill Blue story has now withdrawn it. Doug Thompson messaged us to say:
      Doug Thompson: This is to let you know that the piece on Bush and the Constitution has been changed and reads:

      “This article was based on sources that we thought, at the time, were reliable. We have since discovered reasons to doubt their veracity. For that reason, this article has been removed from our database.”

      I no longer stand behind that article or its conclusions and have said so in answers to several recent queries. In addition, I have asked that it be removed from a documentary film.”

    • gator69 says:

      A good number of us were familiar with Skeeter’s ‘struggles’ early on, and tried to warn others, but were called racists. What is funny, is that I knew Ryan was being railroaded before I ever heard of Skeeter. Kind of like seeing the smoke before the fire, or smelling the stables before seeing the horses.

      But then I am not being fair that was the other Obama, you know, the one from Kenya.

  6. Justa Joe says:

    Axelrod got Jack Ryan’s sealed divorce records “leaked” to the press, which greased the skids for the most corrupt US administration in 20th century. One has to wonder if someone from Goldman Sachs was in on it.

  7. slimething says:

    I may not vote for a Republican, but will NEVER vote for a Democrat again. After Obamacare it proved to me there is no such thing as a “conservative” or “moderate” Democrat.

    Notice “B” keeps bringing up the same talking points and claims the administrations are all the same, as if Obama has done nothing different than any other administration; a typical drone.

  8. slimething says:

    Is anyone really surprised Obama will never be challenged? I mean really folks, #1 he’s black so anyone criticizing him is a racist, and #2 virtually every action and word Obama’s enemies have uttered are at his disposal. He will continue wrecking the country without worry of impeachment or much criticism. Those that have the courage must have lived a pure life; one of those bible thumping “puritans” everyone makes fun of.

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