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When JFK Was Assassinated, Everywhere From Texas To New England Was In Moderate To Extreme Drought

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UN Announced The Conclusions Of The IPCC Report Four Years Ago – Before Any Research Was Done

AFP: Next climate warming report will be dramatically worse: UN

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Shock News : Government Meddling With The IPCC Report – Document Is A Complete Fraud

Obama promised to take politics out of science. What he meant by that was that he planned to make science 100% political, and remove all science from science. Prof Stavins told The Mail on Sunday yesterday that he had been … Continue reading

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1923 Shock News : Radical Change In Arctic Climate – Unheard Of Temperatures – Glaciers Disappearing

TimesMachine: February 25, 1923 – NYTimes.com According to NASA, temperatures were very cold in 1923, much colder than the 1970’s – when Arctic ice was rapidly expanding. Fig.A2.gif (658×474) If you believe the NASA temperature record like Mosher does, then the … Continue reading

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Consensus Science At Its Finest

For most of the 20th century, the scientific consensus ridiculed anyone who believed that the continents moved. By 1980, the scientific consensus gave up on blocking progress in geology, and turned their attention to blocking progress in climate science.

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Death Spiral Update : No Change In Arctic Ice For 10 Years

In 2007, Nobel laureate Al Gore said the Arctic is “falling off a cliff” and the ice will be gone by 2014.  Like all good climate experts, he based his projection on six weeks worth of data. Arctic sea ice is … Continue reading

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Experts Say Two Degrees Will Kill Us All

North Dakota has 130 degree swings in temperature every year, but scientists say that two degrees of temperature change will destroy the earth.

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