End Of April Great Ice Cover Obliterates All Previous Records

End of April Great Lakes ice cover has broken the previous record by 300%, and is 10,000% of normal.


20140428180000_CVCHDCTGL_0007639787.gif (1100×850)

It is 97% certain that NOAA will still try to claim that other years have been colder in the region – in defiance of physical law and common sense.

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15 Responses to End Of April Great Ice Cover Obliterates All Previous Records

  1. omanuel says:

    Steven, if

    1. Global cooling continues, and

    2. If charges of widespread deception in nuclear industry, http://nuclear-news.net/2014/04/29/deception-at-the-centre-of-the-global-nuclear-industry/

    are confirmed, there may be no way to protect world leaders from angry masses.

    Oliver K. Manuel

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Billy Liar says:

    Nothing to see here, move along.

  3. Yeah, but there’s only a 1 in 1.6 million chance of the US temperature warm “streak” from June 2011 – June 2012


  4. jimash1 says:

    Can anyone really doubt that by september, 2014 will have become the “hottest year ever !” ?
    And malthusian cranks will believe it.

  5. Psalmon says:

    A little multi-year ice on the Great Lakes would do them some good.

  6. gregole says:

    What happened to all the warming from the Man-Made CO2 choking the atmosphere? Isn’t it suppose to get warmer; you know, all things being equal. Why aren’t things equal around the great lakes?

    • TheJollyGreenMan says:

      They don’t pay enough carbon Taxes there. A boundary should be drawn around the Great Lakes area and all the sinners inside the loop should pay extra carbon Taxes.

      We do know that only way to stop all the ills of the world is a decent hefty carbon tax!

      • omanuel says:

        The Science debate has evolved and expanded into a serious threat to society, without the statesmanship needed to resolve and end the threat.

        It is time to accept Reality: Many fields of science were compromised after 1945 – astronomy, astrophysics, climatology, cosmology, . . . nuclear, particle, planetary, solar, theoretical physics, etc.

        1. Fear of nuclear annihilation drove this alliance of scientists and world leaders to deceive the public in 1945.

        2. Fear of retaliation now prevents them from admitting the structure of post-1945 government science was bent to hide the source of energy in cores of:

        1. Heavy atoms like Uranium
        2. Some planets like Jupiter
        3. Ordinary stars like the Sun
        4. Galaxies like the Milky Way

        Deniers cannot be defeated but they cannot win the battle. World leaders and their army of scientists cannot be defeated and they cannot win the war without destroying large segments of society and perhaps themselves.

        Can WE solve this dilemma?

  7. Yes, but everybody knows that fresh water freezes at a higher temperature than salty, so it’s probably the polar ice-cap melt caused by the extreme temperatures that’s causing all the extra ice on the Great Lakes. It’s just basic physics, guys.

    This comment was awarded the Mosher Seal of Good Physics.

  8. Latitude says:


  9. Mark Luhman says:

    Warmest decade on record in a cooling world, yes it truly is man made global warming, unfortunately is only in a computer.

  10. Penny says:

    Since I live virtually a stones throw from two of the Great Lakes I can attest to the absolute frigidness of this past winter and the spring that has yet to have sprung
    It is May 01 and there are still no leaves on the maple trees- Or the birch trees or the beech trees or the Oak trees- buds, but, no leaves on May 1st. And my tulips have yet to flower, on May 1.
    This is not the first year I have noticed a definite. strong cooling trend
    Last year was also cooler, longer
    Same for the year before
    I notice these changes more so then others because I garden… and years previous in May we could have planted cool crops, such as peas and leafy lettuce
    No way last year and no way again this year
    And one last thing there were ice caves on Lake Erie, got to go and see them and go inside of them, they were pretty dam awesome to be sure, but they were something I had never seen previous and residents of Crystal Beach Ontario where they had formed had never seen them before either

    go her for images aplenty of people coming from all over to see these caves and formations


    I have my own bunch of images, one gracing my desktop.
    As for the carbon tax payments- no thanks! 😉
    taxes are plenty high in the area

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