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Global Sea Ice Area Fourth Highest On Record For The Date

Climate experts say that the poles are melting down, because they are incapable of telling the truth about anything. the arctic.atmos.uiuc.edu/cryosphere/timeseries.global.anom.1979-2008

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White Racists Are Bad – Black Racists Are Good

If someone suggested an all-white league, they would likely be prosecuted. Suggest an all-black league, and the press calls you “great.” Knicks great calls for all-black league amid Clippers race fiasco | New York Post

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The Rapidly Shrinking US

Two weeks ago, Kevin Trenberth highlighted the “record US warmth” in 2012 as proof of global warming. A short two weeks later I wrote a post about record cold in the US in 2014, and find out that the US has shrunk … Continue reading

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Forty Years Ago, Scientists Were “Nearly Unanimous” That Global Cooling Will Reduce The Food Supply


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Scam Of The Day

One of the great scams they are pulling now is to pick out an isolated event, make up fake statistics, and assign it to climate change. Here are a few examples. After an historically quiet period of hurricane activity in … Continue reading

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Guardian Posts Pictures Of The Melting Arctic

Hardly a day goes by without the Guardian claiming the Arctic is melting. Then they post this. Traditional life in the Siberian Arctic – in pictures | World news | theguardian.com

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Seven Years Since The UN Set The Global Thermostat

Lodi News-Sentinel – Google News Archive Search

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Summers Getting Shorter Here In Fort Collins

In the late 19th century Fort Collins averaged about 200 days between the last spring snow and the first autumn snow, but summer is almost a month shorter now.

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If The Science Is Settled, Why Do They Have To Come Up With New Theories Every Three Weeks?

At least once every three weeks, the team comes up with a new theory to explain why their last “settled science” theory failed.

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Tornadoes Used To Be Caused By Global Cooling, But Now Are Caused By Global Warming

In 1975, tornadoes were blamed on global cooling. Now, Joe Romm blames tornadoes on global warming, during the coldest spring on record and the quietest three years of tornadoes on record. Tornadoes, Extreme Weather And Climate Change | ThinkProgress

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